The 56th Annual Iberia Tournament began Tuesday with two games. The Iberia Rangers and the Vienna Eagles won the first two games of the four day tournament. The Iberia Rangers are looking to get another championship this year as they have won the last five years.

Vienna Eagles vs Tuscumbia Lions

The Vienna Eagle came out strong in the game and never looked as they defeated the Lions in a tough game.

The Eagles took a 22-11 lead after the first period. The Eagles and the Lions both had a great second quarter and the Eagles were able to outscore Tuscumbia 19-17 in the period. The Eagles lead 41-28 at halftime.

The Eagles once again were able to control the Lions as they outscore them 17-13 in the third quarter. Vienna Led 58-41 after three periods of play. The Eagles controlled the final period and outscored Tuscumbia 21-14. The Vienna Eagles came away with the big win and secured at least a third place game appearance later in the week.

The Vienna Eagles were led in scoring by Isaac Weider with his twenty one points in the game. Logan Agan was able to at sixteen point for the Eagles. Caid Stockstill added ten points for Vienna.Tyler Roberts, Ethan Weeks, Kyle Helton, Gavin Stricklan, Luke McEnnis, Ajae Schell, Sutton Hauck, and Dawson Wansing all scored points in the big win also.

The Tuscumbia Lions were led in Scoring by Morgan Crane with his eleven points. Sam Huth scored ten points in the loss. Riley Ash scored nine points for the Lions. Payton Hall scored seven points in the game.  Preston McDowell, Matthew Hill, Cameron Evans, Miles Harris, and Ethan Gregoire all scored point in the tough game. 

Crocker Lions vs Iberia Rangers

    The Crocker Lions and the Iberia Rangers both had a classic Frisco League matchup. The Rangers were able to overcome the Lions and secure a third place or higher game on Friday.

    The Rangers came out and took an 18-13 lead after the first quarter of play.  The Iberia Shooters were on target in the second period as they out scored Crocker 30-17 in the second period. Iberia went into halftime with a 48-30 lead in the game.

    The Lions came out strong in the third quarter and outscored the Rangers 15-14 in a tough defensive matchup in the third period. Iberia led 62-45 after the third period. The Lions were able to outscore the Rangers again the in the final period but were unable to overcome their lead as Crocker won the period 10-8. The Rangers won the tough game 70-55.

    The Crocker Lions were led in the game by Adam Shockley with fifteen points and Nathaniel Combs added fourteen points. Ethyn Boorom score twelve points in the tough loss. Logan Wright, Dillion Porter, Ethan Gann, and Landin Henson also scored for the Lions in the tough loss.

    The Rangers were led in scoring by Hayden Humphry with twenty points in the big win. Zack Voss scored seventeen points and Carter Halley scored sixteen points in the game. Garrett Ray, Jesse Routh, and Collin Riemensnider also score points in the big win.