The Iberia Rangers continued on Wednesday with three Frisco League teams playing in the two game games during the night. The Iberia Rangers and the DIxon Bulldogs both came away with wins.

Dixon Bulldogs vs Tuscumbia Lions

The Dixon Bulldogs came out strong in the game as they were able to control the Lions the entire game and move on to at least the third place game on Friday.

The Dixon Bulldogs came out hot as they hit several shots in the first period and out scored the Lions 14-19 in the period. The Bulldogs did not slow down in the game as they outscored Tuscumbia in the second quarter 25-12. The Bulldogs went into halftime with a 39-21 lead.

The Lions came out in the third quarter and matched the Bulldogs for every shot and won the period 20-16. Dixon continued to lead in the game 65-41 after three periods of play. The Dixon Bulldogs outscored the Lions 11-9 in the final period. The Bulldogs were able to win the game 76-50.  

Head Dixon Bulldogs Basketball Coach Steve Scolfield said this after the big win, “We made shots and looked alot better. We played a great half court offence We played some great teams to prepare for the game.”

The Dixon Bulldogs were led in scoring by Sabastian Salais with twenty one points in the big win. Trey Holzer added eighteen points for the Bulldogs in the game. Isaiah Willis scored twelve points and Walker Shelton scored eleven for the Bulldogs. Tyrone Harris and Seth Parker scored three points in the win. Braden Mahuran and Quest Winkle added two points in the win. Shannon Kampeter added a free throw.

The Tuscumbia Lions were led in scoring by Payton Hall with fourteen points.  Morgan Crane had twelve points in the game. Sam Huth scored eleven points in the tough matchup. Riley Ash had five points and Matthew Hill had four points. Carson Evans and Miles Harris both scored two points in the big game.

The Bulldogs played the Vienna Eagles on Thursday to decide who will play in the championship game tonight. The Tuscumbia Lions will play in the consolation Game on Tonight. 

Richland Bears vs Iberia Rangers

The Richland Bears and Iberia Rangers both played a tough game with the Championship game on the line by both teams in the tournament.

The Bears came out shooting strong in the game as they came out and took a 15-5 lead after the first quarter. The Rangers began the the second quarter shooting strong and was able to outscore the Bears 18-4 in an impressive offensive performance. The Rangers led 23-19 going into halftime.

The Rangers Iberia outscored the Bears 21-10 in the third quarters. Iberia was leading 44-29 after three periods of play. The final period of play was won by the Richland Bears who out scored the Rangers 13-12 in the final period. They were unable to overcome their lead. The Rangers won the game 56-42 and will move on to the championship game tonight.

The Rangers were led in scoring by Hayden Humphry with thirteen points in the game. Carter Halley added twelve points and Garrett Ray also scored eleven points in the big win. Zach Voss and Jesse Roth were able to added eight point in the game for the Rangers. Ty Keeth scored three points and  Collin Rilminsnider scored a free throw.

The Bears were led in the game by Ethan Fagre with nineteen points in the game. Parker Ellis scored seven points and Ben Russell added five in the game. Jordan Baldwin scored five points and Kaden Kardosz added three of his own. Tyler Boland scored two points in the close loss.

The Iberia Rangers will play in the championship game tonight and the Richland Bears will play for third place or the consolation game.