Local attorney, David Lowe, was selected by the Attorney General to help lead Military Legal Assistance Team.

The Missouri Attorney General, Josh Hawley, has formed an advisory board to develop the first statewide program in Missouri that will provide pro bono legal services to current military service members. Local attorney David M. Lowe is a member of the advisory board.

This Military Legal Assistance Team will be Missouri’s first attorney general-led program offering free legal services. The advisory board is still in discussion on the qualifications for the legal needs as well as its strategy to recruit local Missouri attorneys. 

“I am thrilled that we will have a program to help meet the civil legal needs of our service members in cases where they would otherwise not be met,” Lowe said.  “This is a significant undertaking and will require a tremendous amount of hard work and volunteer efforts on behalf of the legal community.  This unique program has been needed for a long time and I look forward to working with Attorney General Hawley and the team that he has put together to accomplish this worthwhile endeavor.”

Lowe recently retired as the State Judge Advocate of the Missouri Army National Guard, a position in which he served for more than eight years.  Lowe served on active duty in the Army and in the Missouri National Guard for the past 31.5  years. He owns and operates a private legal practice in Waynesville where he handles a wide variety of both civil and criminal cases.  He has also been the Waynesville Municipal Court Judge since 2011. 

 “These years of experience have given me unique insight into the many legal issues which confront our service members, which I look forward to using as we work out the details for this program,” Lowe said.

Attorney General Josh Hawley said the hope of this program is that “when facing qualifying legal issues, a pro bono attorney will ensure the service members are well-represented for a satisfactory outcome.”

In addition to Lowe, members of the advisory board include a retired U.S. Army Colonel and a former U.S. Navy officer.