Inspired by a recently discovered time capsule, Waynesville High School students have assembled their own time capsule. 

The copper box that provided inspiration was discovered in a 1951 stone in the debris at the demolition site of the former middle school north of courthouse in downtown Waynesville. When opened on Jan. 10, its contents were mostly from 1953. It is believed that while construction on the then Central Elementary School started in 1951, the building was not completed and occupied until the 1952-53 school year, based on information in “History of Waynesville School,” published in 1981. 

Student Government Association leaders Michelle Amato, Andrea Ramos, Cristina O’Barr and Dayle Smith led efforts to champion a new time capsule. 

To signify the close connection between the school district and the community, local dignitaries presented coins to the students for inclusion in their time capsule. Mayor Luge Hardman, presented a coin on behalf of the City of Waynesville; Dr. George Lauritson presented a coin on behalf of St. Robert. Col. Tracy Lanier, Garrison Commander of Fort Leonard Wood, presented a coin on behalf of Fort Leonard Wood; and Captain Heather Weaver of the 787th Military Police Battalion on Fort Leonard Wood presented a coin on behalf of the the 787th, one of the high school’s Partners in Education. On behalf of the Waynesville R-VI School District and its 5,800 students, Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent, presented a Waynesville Tiger coin for inclusion in the 2018 time capsule as well. 

In addition to the official coins, the students placed the following into their time capsule: 

-A 2018 Courtwarming shirt

-A WHS school newspaper

-The latest WHS yearbook

-A WHS student ID card

-A WHS 2018 parking pass

-A High School varsity letter

-A vintage Waynesville tiger badge

-A copy of the “I in the Tiger” newsletter/magazine

-A current WHS Handbook

-A jump drive with a tour of the current high school and the “then and now” Power Point presentation that the students gave on Jan. 10

-A signed letter from those present from the Class of 1951 and the 2018 All School Government Officials 

-A photo of the 2018 All School Government Officials 

-A 2018 copy of “Rural Missouri” Magazine

-Today’s copy of the “Daily Guide” newspaper with the 1951 ceremony information in it

-Store ads from Walmart, Price Cutters and Dollar General

-Cheetos, Twinkies and a Hershey bar

-A pair of the 2017 solar eclipse glasses

-A copy of the “USA Today” newspaper

-The January 2018 edition of “National Geographic”

-Fashion magazine “Seventeen” 

-A watch

-Earrings and a necklace


-2018 “Farmers Almanac” 


The Waynesville High School Boys Basketball team added a t-shirt and jersey to the capsule as well. 


The students will work out the details for a date and location for the capsule’s burial.