The Crocker Lions hosted the Plato Eagles at Crocker High School in a Frisco League game that could keep both teams in the competition for a conference title.

Junior Varsity

The junior varsity Lions began the night with a tough loss.

The Eagles started the game by edging the Lions 13-12 in the first period. The Eagles outscored the Lions 10-7 outstanding effort during the second quarter. Plato led the game going into halftime with a 23-19 score.

The Eagles came out the third quarter and outscored the Lions 20-7 as they shot lights out. The Plato boys increased their lead to 43-26 after three periods of play. The Lions were able to outscore the Eagles 10-6 in the final period of the game but were unable to overcome the deficit. The Plato Eagles won the game 49-36.

The Crocker Lions were led by Jeffrey Franklin, Ethan Gan, and Luke Crawford all with six points each.

The Plato Eagles were led in the game by G. Vauham with 15 points and J. Pyatt with 13 points of his own. 

Varsity Game

The Crocker Lions and Plato Eagles both came into the game with a conference title on the line. The Lions came into the game with an 11-7 record and the Eagles entered with a 12-7 season record.

The Lions started the game strong with a 16-15 lead after the first period. Ethyn Boorom led the Lions with six points in the period and the Eagles were led by Ty Humphrey with eight points. The second period was close for both teams but the Eagles were able to outscore the Lions 18-15. The Lions were led by Boorom again as he added four more points in the quarter. The Plato boys were led by Grady Todd with eight points in the second period. The Eagles took a 33-31 lead going into the first half of the game.

During halftime the Lions recognized all the Ozark League basketball players. The future Lions ranged from kindergarten to eighth grade.

The Lions were led in scoring by Boorom with ten points in the half. Adam Shockley added five points in the half. The rest of the Lions all scored two points. The Eagles were led in the first half by Humphrey with thirteen points and Todd scored ten points in the half.

The Lions heated up in the third period and heated up against the Eagles. Crocker outscored plato 23-19 in the quarter. Nathaniel Combs scored an incredible eleven points in outstanding quarter for Crocker. The Lions edged out a 54-52 lead after the period. This was the first lead of the game since the first quarter.

Head Crocker Lions Coach Phillip Gambill said this after the game about the second half, “I thought our guys fought from the opening tip until the finish. We got down in the third quarter, but our guys stepped up and got Defense stops and hit some big shots to get back ahead.”  

The Lions did not slow down in the final period as they more than double the Eagles 20-7 in the period. The final quarter was a tale of two teams for plato. The Lions and the Eagles both were within four points of each other until the final minute. The Eagles began to foul the Lions but that strategy began to backfire as Shockley was able to hit four free throws in a row. After the free throws and baskets by Kaegan Hatton, Boorom, and Combs in the just under 30 seconds Crocker picked up an eight point lead. The Eagles Todd and several other players were put up to the free throw line in the fourth period and able to make 5-8 of them to stay close.

The Crocker defense stepped it up with 28 seconds left in the game and came out of three timeouts and was able to get turnovers from Boorom and Logan Wright. Wright was able to score three baskets in less that fifteen seconds in the final period. He had two baskets and made all four of his free throws in the last few seconds of the great defensive stand.

The Crocker Lions won the Frisco League matchup 74-59. They earned their thirteenth win of the season.

Coach Gambill said this about the final quarter of the game, “We had more ball pressure on the defense end and rebounded the ball well. Our guys got our free throws.”

The Crocker Lions were led in the game by Adam Shockley with 19 points. Nathaniel Combs scored 18 points in the big conference win. Ethyn Boorom added 14 points of his own. Logan Wright was able to add another 10 points for Crocker. Keagan Hatton scored five points. Dillion Porter scored four points and Cameron Bryant added another basket in the conference win.

The Plato Eagle were led by Ty Humphrey with 19 points in the tough loss. Grady Todd added 17 points for the Eagles. Cain Couch Caeden Hathaway both scored eight points. Clay Atherberry made four points and Gaven Vaughan scored three points for Plato.

The Crocker Lions play the Dixon Bulldogs tonight for their homecoming game. The Dixon Bulldogs are coming off a loss to the Fatima Comets. The Plato Eagles will travel to Laquey High School tonight and take on the Hornets.