The Maranatha Baptist Academy Warriors had a huge varsity win on Friday over the Tabernacle Christian Academy Minutemen in St. Robert. The Varsity had split several games with them this season and this win gave them the lead on the year.

Junior Varsity

The junior varsity game started out rough for the Warriors as they were outscored 10-2 in the first period. The Tabernacle defense held up in the second period again and they repeated the 10-2 run. The Minutemen went into the first half break with a 20-4 lead over Maranatha.

Both Maranatha and Tabernacle battled in the third period by the Minutemen were able to edge out the Warriors 11-8 in the period. The Tabernacle Minutemen lead 31-12 after three quarters of play. The Marantha Warriors tried to mount a comeback in the final period of the game as they were able to outscore the Minutemen 12-8 in the period. The Tabernacle Minutemen were able to hang on and win 39-24 in the tough opening game on the night.


The varsity matchup of the night was a far different game as both Maranatha and Tabernacle had another close game that could have gone either way.

The Warriors had a strong start in the game and led 15-8 after the first period. Antonio Daughtry let the Warriors with his eight points in the period. Both teams battled in the second quarter at the Minutemen was able to edge the Warriors 11-9. Anoy G led Tabernacle with his 7 points in the period. The Marantha Warriors went into halftime with a 24-19 lead.

At halftime Anoy G led the Minutemen with thirteen points and Daughtrey led the Warriors with thirteen of his own. Gabe Rush added six points and Luke Carnahan had five for Maranatha.

The third quarter of the game was opposite of the second quarter as the Warriors out scored the minutemen 11-8. Carnahan Led the Warriors in the period with five points including a key free throw. Maranatha led 35-27 in the period.

Both team had their most point in a period as the Minutemen tried to make a comeback run. They outscored Maranatha 17-15 by came up six points short when the buzzer sounded. Carnahan made all four of his free throws in the period and Daughtrey made both of theirs to hold the lead. The Marantha Warriors won the game over the Tabernacle Minutemen of of Lebanon 50-44.

The Marantha Warriors were led in scoring by Antonio Daughtrey with his nineteen points in the game. Luke Carnahan added sixteen points of his own in the home win. Rush Gabe scored eight points in the game. Keaton McCluskey, Preston Voigt, and Josh Dunn also scored points to secure the win.

The Tabernacle Minutemen were led in the game by Anoy G with twenty three points. Nathaniel K scored eight points in the tough loss. Josiah B added five of his own points. Stephen B, and Mark A also had points in the game.

Maranatha will be at home Friday in St Robert at the school gym,