The Richland Lady Bears hosted the Plato Lady Eagles at Richland on Thursday night in a key Frisco League game that would decide which team would stay in the top of the conference. The first time these two teams played was in the Frisco League Tournament in November where the Lady Bears won the game. The Lady Eagles were able to outlast the Bears and remain tied with the state ranked Licking Lady Wildcats as the teams race for the conference championship.

Junior Varsity

The Lady Bears and Lady Eagles junior varsity teams both warmed the crowd up before the main game of the night. Richland was able to overcome an early deficit to get the JV win.

The Plato girls narrowly outscored the Lady Bears 11-9 in the first period of the game. The Lady Eagles once again edged Richland after a low scoring second period 6-4 in a great defensive matchup. The Plato Lady Eagles led the Lady Bears 17-13 going into the first half of the low scoring game.

The Lady Bears came out firing away and opened up the game as they nearly tripled the Lady Eagles score. Richland out scored Plato 20-7 in the third period. The Lady Bears were able to get their first lead of the game 33-24 after three periods in the game. The Lady Bears were able to hold the Plato shooters off in the final period of the game. They outscored the Lady Eagles 10-8 to close the game out. The Richland Lady Bears won the first game of the night 43-32.

The Lady Bears leading scorers were Darcy Poynter with fourteen points and Emily EcKman who scored twelve points.

The Lady Eagles were led in scoring by Faith Lowenthal with twenty one points in the loss.


    The Many game of the night was a Frisco League Matchup that would possibly determine who will be the regular season conference champion.

    The Lady Bears came out strong in the first period and outscored the Plato Girls 12-9 after the first period. Latham led Richland with four points in the quarter and Garrett was the leader for the Lady Eagles with five points. The Lady Eagles were able to just get squeezed by Richland girls 10-6 in the second period of the matchup. Mullay was the top scorer for the Lady Eagles with four points and Moss led the Lady Bears with four points as well in the period. The Lady Eagles took their first lead of the night as they were able to get their first lead of the night going into the first half 19-18 in another low scoring game.

    Moss was the Leading scorer for Richland in the first half with seven points. Mullay led the Lady Eagles with six points.

    The Lady Bears and the Lady Eagles both had tough defensives coming out of the the first half. Plato out scored Richland 9-6 in the period. Hall led the Lady Eagles with three points in the third period and Moss once again was the leading scorer for the Lady Bears. The Lady Eagles improved their lead to 28-24 after the third period of competition. The final period of the night was the most excitement of the night as both team sprinted to the end but the Lady Bears fell just short in the game.

    The Richland girls were able to make five baskets in the period by Moss, and Latham. Whittle added two key three pointers in the attempted comeback. The Plato Lady Eagles were led in the final period by Garrett scored more than half of her point in the final stretch of the game. She made three baskets and a free through to secure the win. The Plato Lady Eagles won Frisco League Game 44-40 in front of a nearly sold out gym.

    Head Plato Lady Eagles Coach Chris Pilz said this after the big conference win, “We knew coming in it was going to be a tough game for up. The first time we played them we had a really bad start was down seventeen.” He also said this about the end of the game, “It was a heck of a job by Richland and they his some big shots to really make it a game but hats off to my kids for making some free throws in the end to move us to 4-0 in conference.”

The Richland Lady Bears  were led in the game by Moss with fifteen points in the tough loss. Latham scored ten points for the Lady Bears. Whittle scored six points and Cargill added five points in the game. Cole made two free throw in the conference loss.

    The Plato Lady Eagles  were led by in scoring by Garrett with twelve points in the conference win. Muella added ten points for the Lady Eagles. Crabtree scored nine points in the win.

    The Richland Lady Bears played the Springfield Rush in the Newburg Tournament on Monday. The Plato Lady Eagles hosted the Iberia Lady Rangers on Monday night in another Frisco League game. Both teams are 12-5 on the season after the game and the Lady Eagle are undefeated in conference while the Lady Bears have one loss in a close race with the Licking Lady Wildcats who also are undefeated in Frisco League Play.