The Waynesville Tigers traveled to Springfield and took on the Glendale High School Falcons. Glendale was the tenth ranked team in Missouri coming into the matchup. They showed their strength as they were able defeat the Tigers by a big margin.

Junior Varsity

The Tigers began the game trying to keep up with the Falcons as both teams scored well. Glendale took a 25-15 lead after the first period. Both teams had another great quarter as the Tigers and the Falcons scored sixteen points each in the second period. The Glendale shooter lead 41-31 going into halftime.

The Tigers and Falcons both gave the packed gym a quarter to remember as Glendale won the period 26-20 in the highest scoring quarter for the teams. The Falcons led the game 67-51 after three periods of play. The Tigers were not ready to just sit there and wait for the game to end as they were able to pull off an amazing comeback. The Tigers out scored the Falcons 25-6 in the fourth period thanks to them taking advantage of the Glendale foul trouble and being able to make free throws. Waynesville pulled off the comeback junior varsity win 76-73.


    The Varsity Tigers tried to cage in the Falcons but could not control them as the took a 27-10 lead after the first quarter. The second period was no different as the Falcons continued to hit three pointers from all over the court. The Falcons out scored the Tigers 23-12 in the period. Glendale led 50-23 at halftime of the Ozark Conference matchup.

    The Falcons outscored the Tigers 28-11 in the third period with an impressive show for their home crowd. Glendale led 78-34 after the third period of the game. Both Waynesville an Glendale put in their younger players to give them some time to sharpen their skills. Both teams scored four points in the final period. The Glendale Falcons won the conference game 82-38.

Head Waynesville Tigers Coach Chris Pilz said this after the Tigers loss Friday Night, “It was a tough game tonight.  Glendale was good and we have some work to do.  We need to improve in all aspects.  We will forget about it and be ready Tuesday.

The Waynesville Tigers were led in the game by Carson Cavalier with twelve points in the matchup. Gunner Reese was not far behind with eight points in the game. Tahje Stewart scored six points for Waynesville in the conference loss. Zeke Rogers, Caleb Barnes, and Shaq Fregiste all scored three points in the game. Both Tanner Simpson and Jayden Smith added two points the the Waynesville Tigers.

    The Glendale Falcons were led by Jahal with twenty two points. Davis scored seventeen in the big win for the Falcons. Walters scored thirteen points while Quin score twelve points in the big conference win. Freeman added seven point for the Falcons. Metivier score four points and Kerr made three points. Gilpin made a basket to help in the win for Glendale.

    The Waynesville Tigers will be at home tonight again the Bolivar Liberators. The Tigers are 11-6 while the Liberators are 7-7. The Glendale Falcons are now 12-5 and their next game is at the Ozark Tigers tonight.