The Crocker Library hosted a very popular annual event over the weekend, that saw a very regal turnout. Princesses and the occasional prince from around the county showed up to the Crocker Library's annual Frozen party.

One of the favorite features of the event were Elsa and Anna, princesses from Girl Adored Enchanted Events. The princesses read a story featuring Olaf from "Frozen" to the crowd and entertained the children with a "magic" trick in which Elsa created snow.

The library provided the children and their families with snacks, the opportunity to do crafts, color, and even win door prizes in order to encourage the children to read. Events like the Frozen party are meant to bridge the gap between popular characters on television and in movies to books, and hopefully, stimulate children's interest in reading more about their favorite characters.

Announced by Crocker Library, at the event, was a plan to make the party center around Snow White, apples, and the seven dwarves. Tai Kimes, Girl Adored Enchanted Events CEO, agreed and a plan is in the works.