All Waynesville participants brought home gold medals at the Special Olympics Area Tournament that took place in Columbia, Mo., on Jan. 6. Athletes represented Waynesville in both the individual skills competition and the 3-on-3 competition.

  Participating in individual skills was Jordan Boyd. For this competition, athletes must show capabilities in dribbling, passing and shooting. Scores are based on the amount of time spent dribbling from one side of the court to the other and back, accuracy in passing and the amount of baskets made while shooting. Boyd was able to set the bar high and maintain the lead to win the gold.

            Competing in 3-on-3 were three teams: Waynesville Orange, Waynesville Black and Waynesville Tigers. Each team played two games within their division. Games are played on half court and last for 20 minutes. A game can also end with a mercy rule if one team scores 20 points before time runs out. The Waynesville athletes won all of their games, four of the six ending prematurely with the mercy rule.

Waynesville Orange players held their own in both games, going into overtime on their second game. Marshall Harp did extraordinarily well at getting possession of the ball and maintaining defense. Damian Paul and Monique Forbes came away with several points scored in both games.

Waynesville Black players were quick and aggressive in both offense and defense. Seth Davis added many steals and points scored to his statistics. Angel Valentin was on fire with defense and steals. Geremiah Corpuz racked up a lot of rebounds and points scored as well.

The Waynesville Tigers players put on a show during both of their games. The final game went into overtime and was a nail biter, only a two-point difference for the final score. Terry Marshall, Trey Lusk and Geremy Corpuz were all spectacular at keeping up their defense throughout both games. They were agile and quick-thinking, able to keep up with their opponents.

Coach Justine Swan says “I couldn’t be more pleased with the tenacity and determination of these teams. Their sportsmanship was outstanding and they represented Waynesville with great style.”

The Regional tournament will take place in Joplin, Mo., on Feb. 10.