Stealing $200 from an acquaintance resulted in an armed robbery charge for a Waynesville man recently. Jacob Ryan Watson has been charged with one count of class A felony Robbery in the first degree.

The complaint, filed in the court of Judge Colin Long, charges that Watson, along with a "co-defendant" allegedly robbed an acquaintance by forcibly stealing from him.

The probable cause statement, filed by the St. Robert Police Department (SRPD), reported that an officer was dispatched to Eagle Stop in St. Robert, around 11:30 p.m., after a report of an armed robbery came in. The suspected vehicle in the case was noted as being a "green Chevy Malibu."

The investigating officer wrote in the probable cause statement that the reporting party stated that he had allegedly been in the vehicle, knew the individuals, "and was trying to help when they started arguing."

According to the probable cause statement, the reporting party told the officer that the female allegedly "pulled him into the vehicle, then held a knife to his throat and stole his walled that contained his money."

After allegedly stealing the reporting party's money, he claimed that he was "pushed" out of the vehicle and Watson allegedly "tried to run him over with the car." The reporting officer noted that the reporting party alleged that "he had to jump out of the way to keep from being struck by the vehicle" in the probable cause statement.

The probable cause statement went on to report that alleged victim told the investigating officer that the suspects were going to "Devils Elbow to purchase narcotics and then would be heading to St. Louis."

The investigating officer reported in the probable cause statement that video surveillance provided by Eagle Stop "matched the details" provided by the reporting party, including the description of the vehicle.

Five hours after the initial report, the probable cause statement reports that Watson was found and taken into custody with a "silver in color knife" in his possession. The probable cause statement notes that Watson denied the use of any weapons or any money being taken from the reporting party, when questioned after being read his Miranda rights.

The probable cause statement says that the location of the woman is "still unknown." The Daily Guide cannot find pending charges on the co-defendant and was unable to reach anyone at the St. Robert Police Department who could tell us whether the department was still looking for the female named in the probable cause statement, or whether or not they would be seeking charges. A message was left for the investigating officer on Jan. 24 and SRPD Chief Curtis Curenton on Tuesday, Jan. 30.