Students at Waynesville’s Sixth Grade Center became detectives and had to use their knowledge, skills and abilities to solve a staged “fishy” crime.
The information – made up for the problem-based learning activity (PBL) – included the following,:
“At approximately 6:15 a.m., Monday morning, Mr. Zad was doing his morning walk through of the building. He thought something was fishy as he walked down the hall and noticed that Mrs. (Barb) Lehman’s door was open. He walked into her classroom and immediately discovered that the aquarium with her prized goldfish, Gertrude, was missing. As he investigated, he discovered the aquarium was near the stairs and Gertrude was gasping on the floor a few feet away.
Unfortunately, while trying to resuscitate the fish, it died. Beside the fish were the shattered remains of the pink and white piggy bank that had been on the shelf above the aquarium. A can of blue paint was spilled on the floor. Footprints of a barefooted burglar led to the emergency exit door near the elevator. Bits of a white powdery substance were found next to the empty piggy bank. A piece of paper with a grocery list written on it was found. The only other item found was a half-eaten large chunk of chocolate candy.
When “the polic” arrived, they immediately began to gather forensic evidence.
Sticky fingerprints were lifted from the aquarium and piggy bank. The painted footprints were measured. The chunk of chocolate candy was collected for examination. It appeared there were teeth imprints.
The white powdery substance by the piggy bank was carefully placed in a plastic bag and taken for later testing.
They suspect that the building was accessed with a key card; however, the data identifying the card and the security camera video tape were destroyed.
At this point, all staff members are considered to be a suspect.”
The students were then given this assignment: “Using the clues found at the crime scene, determine which member of the staff is the “barefooted burglar”? What do you think was the motive for this crime? Present the results of your findings and convince the prosecutor that your suspect is guilty.”
Lehman, in her “mourning,” is offering a pizza party reward to the class that can bring the guilty party to justice.