Not quite sure what to read next? Try a blind date with a book!

You choose a book and take it home without knowing the title or anything about the book before-hand. If you read it, GREAT! if you don't, well, at least you got a piece of chocolate. Not every blind date works out, but it’s hard to go wrong when it’s with a book. Stop in the Crocker Library and choose one or let us choose for you! February is the month to fall in love!

Remember, February 10th from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. visit the Crocker and/or Richland Libraries for Valentine’s fun and games!

Books of the Week

I just finished reading “The Seven Rules of Elvira Carr” by Frances Maynard. I absolutely chose this book based on the cover, it’s got the prettiest teal colored coat and seemed a good fit for a winter read. What a good choice! Elvira Carr is a young woman who has an unnamed disorder. Her mother, Agnes, has sheltered Elvira from much of the outside world, to include keeping Elvira in the dark about her beloved father. After Agnes suffers a stroke (not too much of a spoiler, as it happens in the first page or so), Elvira begins a journey of discovery about herself, her family, and life in the outside world. Funny and illuminating, I loved Elvira so much it was hard to say goodbye! Find “The Seven Rules of Elvira Carr” as a library ebook. Use the Libby app and your library card to read it right away!

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