As planned, Oxford Immunotec will return to Waynesville High School on Feb. 6 to do the second round of blood testing for tuberculosis for those students who had close contact with a student who attends Waynesville High School who was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) in 2017.

As stated in the Nov. 29, 2017, letter that was sent to parents of students who had close contact with the student, “If your child’s test results are negative (after the first round of tests), a second test is recommended by the MODHSS in 8-10 weeks.”


According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS), everyone’s immune system is unique and it can take several weeks for a person’s body to develop enough of an immune response to show up on the test.  The second test is needed to determine if infection occurred, but was too recent to be detected at the time of the first test. 


“The initial blood draw serves as a baseline and it is very important for our students who tested negative the first time to get tested again to make sure they are still negative,” said Dr. Elizabeth Washington, director of special services for the district.


The Waynesville R-VI School District will pay for this second round of testing for close contacts. Unless otherwise requested, students who were tested the first time will be tested again and the results of this second testing will be mailed to their parent/guardian.


Students who were identified as having close contact, but were not initially tested may do so by completing the Oxford permission forms. For more information about the permission forms, parents may contact Waynesville High School at 573-842-2400.


Anyone with additional questions about TB may call the Pulaski County Health Center at 573-736-2217.