Crocker Chief of Police, Nick Pappas has been appointed by Governor Greitens as Pulaski County's new coroner.

Governor Eric Greitens has appointed Crocker Chief of Police Nick Pappas as Pulaski County Coroner. The appointment comes after Gary Carmack, Pulaski County's elected coroner resigned in November 2017.

Pappas was nominated by the Republican Central Committee and is a former candidate for Pulaski County Sheriff. His law enforcement experience includes military service with CID, teaching criminal justice and security management courses, he's a former member of the Richland Police Department, and served as assistance chief in Crocker prior to being hired as chief.

Pappas is a former 2015 Daily Guide Hometown Hero and told the Daily Guide then, that he saw himself in five years, "till serving the community and teaching college."

He went on to say, "I would like to spend more time addressing issues the community is immediately facing such as the drug and theft issues. They are both intertwined and when we address one, we will also be addressing the other."

Pappas told the Daily Guide late, Tuesday evening, via text, "I want to thank everyone for their support through the process of being appointed and I truly look forward to the opportunity to serve the citizens of our county. I'm excited to work more closely with all the emergency services and other organizations that support our community."

In a press release about Pappas' appointment, Dennis Thornsberry, the Republican Central Committee Chair, said Pappas had been their "unanimous" choice "based on his service in the United States and overseas and currently serves as the Chief of Police for the City of Crocker."

The press release went on to say that Pulaski County Clerk Brent Basset had been notified of the appointment.

Pulaski County Sheriff Jimmy Bench has been serving as coroner since Carmack resigned. Carmack had been the subject of some controversy prior to his resignation due to some reports by law enforcement agencies to the Pulaski County Commission that he wasn't showing up for calls.

Carmack appeared at a commission meeting in August of 2017 to address the accusations and discuss the issue with the commissioners, calling the accusations untrue. Three months later Carmack resigned due to "health reasons."

In his formal resignation to the Pulaski County Commission, Carmack wrote, "Dear sirs, this is a letter of resignation from my position as Pulaski County Coroner, effective immediately. Due to health reasons of which are personal, I am not able to continue this job. I do regret the necessity. Sincerely, Gary Carmack. November 6, 2017."

Pappas was sworn in as coroner Wednesday and begins his duties immediately. Pappas told the Daily Guide Tuesday that he would be finishing Carmack's term. The office of coroner is a part-time position and Pappas said he will remain as Crocker Chief of Police as well.