The Newburg Wolves traveled to Dixon on Friday and played an important Frisco League Game against the Dixon Bulldogs on homecoming night. The home crowd packed the gym to support the Bulldogs and homecoming candidates.

Junior Varsity

The junior varsity boys were able to come away with one of the best wins of their season. They defeated the Wolves 66-38.

The Bulldogs came out and took an early 12-5 lead after the first period. Will Shelton led the Bulldogs in the period with seven points. Justin Coaty scored a three pointer to lead Newburg. Dixon caught fire in the second period and outscored the Newburg Boys 27-14. Chris Allen score 11 points in the period for Dixon and four Wolves scored also. The Dixon Bulldogs extended their lead to 39-19 going into the first half.

The Bulldogs came out of the halftime talk on fire as they out scored newburg again 19-11 in the period. Clayton Sinden led Dixon with his nine points during the quarter. Hunter Mentola added five points for the wolves and led the pack. Dixon continued to dominate as they led 58-30 after three periods of play. Both teams score eight points each in the final period of the match up. Andrew Edwards scored six points for Newburg in the final quarter of the game. The Dixon Bulldogs won the game 66-38 to prepare the sold out, standing room only crowd for the next game.

The Dixon Bulldogs were led in the game by Sophomore Chris Allen with 14 points in the win. Freshman Clayton Sinden added 13 points for Dixon. Both Freshman Will Shelton and Freshman Shannon Kampeter score nine points each. Freshman Alex Easterling added six points in the win with his two three pointers. Freshman Jacob Cross and Freshman Anthony McCance score five points a piece in the game. Junior Seth Parker scored three points and Junior Tyrone Harris scored a basket for Dixon.

The Newburg Wolves were led in the game in scoring by Freshman Gabe Killian with eight points and Freshman Hunter Mentola with seven points. Freshman Andrew Edwards, Justin Coaty, and Freshman Nathan Russell added six point a piece in the tough loss. Freshman Cole Davis score a three pointers and Freshman Keirman Twyman Added a basket in the loss.   


The varsity boys game began after the 2018 Homecoming courts were crowned. The boys came away with a close victory on the night.

The Bulldogs began the game on fire as they led 25-9 after the first period. The Dixon Bulldogs were led in the period by Walker Shelton with 10 points. Caleb Austin led the Wolves with four points. The Newburg Wolves heated up in the second quarter as they out scored the bulldogs 24-17. Shelton once again led the Dixon shooters with another six points in the period. The Newburg boys were led by Ryan Terry with 13 points to outpace Dixon. The Bulldogs led 42-33 going into the first half.

Shelton led the Dixon Bulldogs in scoring at the half with 16 points. Terry led the Wolves in the first half with 13 points.

The Wolves came out in force as they out scored Dixon again 24-19 in the third quarter. Callahan led the Wolves in the period with 15 of the points. Sabastian Salais led Dixon with eight points in the third quarter. The Bulldogs held on to 61-57 lead after the third period. Both teams fought it out in the final period as the Dixon Bulldogs were able to edge out the Wolves 15-13. Trey Holzer scored seven point to lead the Bulldogs in the final period including several key free throws. Salais was able to hit both of his free throws late in the game. Tyrone Harris came off the bench and made a couple free throws and a key late game basket. The Wolves were led in the final period by several boys but they were unable to get the edge at the end. The Bulldogs won the close matchup 76-70.

The Dixon Bulldogs were led by Senior Walker Shelton with 22 points in the conference win. Both Junior Trey Holzer and Junior Sabastain Salais scored 18 points each in the game. Junior Tyrone Harris added six points off the bench. Both Senior Isaiah Willis and Junior Seth Parker scored four points for Dixon. Both Seniors Quest Winkle and Braden Mahurin scored two points each.

The Newburg Wolves were led in scoring by Senior Ryan Terry with twenty seven points and Senior Landen Callahan scored an additional twenty five points. Both boys combined for fifty two points in the close game. Junior Caleb Austin score 10 points during the night. Senior Travis McWilliams added four points for the Wolves. Both freshman Tristan Wofford and Hunter Mentola added two points a piece.

The Dixon Bulldogs are 9-13 on the season and travel to Iberia Tonight and have a rematch against the Rangers after they defeated them in the first round of the Frisco League Tournament. The Bulldogs will host the Laquey Hornets in Senior Night tomorrow.

The Newburg Wolves are 12-11 and host the Richland Bears tonight.