The girls bracket is now set for the Class 2 District 9 team as the Richland Lady Bears will face the Stoutland Lady Tigers

1 Richland Lady Bears vs 5 Belle Lady Tigers

The Richland Lady Bears moved on to play in the district championship Friday after a win over the Belle Lady Tigers on Tuesday afternoon.

The Lady Bears edged out the Lady Tigers 8-6 in the first period. Richland was able to double their points in the second quarter and they out scored the Lady Tigers 18-6. The Richland Lady Bears led 26-12 at halftime.

Both teams were able to slow everything down in the third period as Richland outlasted the Stoutland girls 11-7. Richland increased their lead to 37-19. The Belle Lady Tigers fought tooth and nail in the final period as they were able to out score the Lady Tigers 12-11 but were unable to overcome their deficit. The Richland Lady Bears were the first team to qualify for the District Championship on friday with a score of 48-31.

The Richland Lady Bears were led in scoring by Senior Jessi Whittle with 13 points. Senior Morgan Moss score 11 points in the win. Senior Brittany Latham and Freshman Katelyn Cole both scored eight points for the Lady Bears. Senior Jaycee Graves added seven points for Richland.

The Belle Lady Tigers were led by Freshman Gracie Shultz with 14 points. Freshman Halle Smith score nine points in the loss. Freshman Chloe Krause score four point for the Lady Tigers. Junior Baslie Cadwallader and Freshman Olivia Sanders both score a basket for the Belle Girls. 

2 Crocker Lady Lions - 3 Stoutland Lady Tigers

The Crocker Lady Lions and Stoutland Lady Tigers both have split wins this season. The Stoutland girls won the close game to qualify them for the district title game against the  Richland Lady Bears.

The Lady Tiger began the night by out scoring the Lady Lions 18-6 in the first period. Both teams kept the games closer in the second period as the Lady Tigers led 13-10. The Stoutland girls held a 31-16 lead going into the first half of the game.

The Crocker girls tried to stage their comeback and out scored the Lady Tigers 9-4 in the third period. The Stoutland Lady Tigers still led the game 35-25 after the third quarter. Both the girls teams fought it out in the final period and the Lady Tigers out lasted the Lady Lions 14-12. The Stoutland Lady Tigers advance to the championship with the 49-37 win.

The Stoutland Lady Tigers were led in scoring by Sophomore Melanie Hubbs with 18 points in the win. Junior Becca Looney added 13 points for Stoutland. Sophore Breanna Sein score ten points in the win. Sophomore Skylar Shepherd added six of her own points in the game. Sophomore Brittany Justice score two points.

The Lady Lions were led in the game by Macey Connell with 14 points. Senior Kaitlyn Gambill and Sophomore Morgan Wall added seven points each in the final game of the season. Sophore Abigail Posten score six points and Sophomore Mariah Dean scored three points.