The Dixon boys basketball team wrapped up their regular season against Richland, before falling to Southern Boone in the first round of Districts,

Regular season finale against Richland

The Dixon Bulldogs ended their regular season at Dixon High School for the final Frisco League basketball game of the year.

The Bulldogs and the Bears took off out of the gate and Richland was on top 21-19 of the wild quarter. The Bears were led in the period by Ethyn Fagre with eight points. Dixon was led by Walker Shelton with eight points also. The Bears were able to out score the bulldogs 13-10 in the second period. Fagre once again led Richland in the period with eight points again. DIxon was led by Tyrone Harris with his five points. The Richland Bears led the game 34-29 after the first half.

Fagre of Richland led all the scorers with 16 points in the first half of the game while the Dixon Bulldogs were led by Harris who scored 10 points.

The Dixon Little Cheerleaders performed at halftime of the game.

The Richland boys once again were able to edge out Dixon in the third period 24-21. Kaden Kardosz led the Bears in the period with his 12 points. Dixon was led by Trey Holzer who scored 12 points also in the third period. Richland increased their lead to 58-50 after three quarters. The Bulldogs picked up the pace and were able to out score Richland 17-9. Holzer again stepped it up the final period as he took charge and scored nine points. Fagre led the Bears with four points. Both Salais and Holzer made key points at the end of the game to give the Bulldogs the tie after the period. Both teams ended regulation 67-67 at time ran out.

The Dixon Bulldogs were able to out score Richland 6-3 in the overtime period with three of the points from Sabastian Salais. The Dixon Bulldogs won the final regular season game of the year 73-70 on the season.

The Dixon Bulldogs were led in scoring by Trey Holzer with 23 points and Walker Shelton who scored 20 points. Fagre and Kardosz scored Richlands three points in the overtime. Tyrone Harris scored 12 points in the overtime win. Sabastian Salais added nine points and Quest Winkle score six points. Braden Mahurin scored three points in the win.

The Richland Bears were led in the game by Ethan Fagre with 25 point on the night. Bryan Buckley score seven points and Parker Ellis score six in the game. Both Tyler Bolan and Ben Russell scored four points each in the conference loss. Jordan Baldwin added three points for the Bears. 

Districts against Southern Boone

The Dixon Bulldogs ended their season at Fatima High School at districts against the Southern Boone Eagles.

The Dixon Bulldogs and Southern Boone Eagles Eagles both tied at 13-13 in the end of the first period. The Dixon Bulldogs were led in scoring by Harris with five points and the Eagles were led by Smith with six points off two three pointers. Southern Boone was able out score the Bulldogs 18-9 in the second quarter. The Eagles were led in the period by Stichnote with nine points. Dixon was led by Harris and Holzer with four points each.

The Southern Boone Eagles led 31-22 going into halftime. Smith led Southern Boone with nine points and the Bulldogs were led by Harris who also had nine points.

Southern Boone and Dixon both came out hot in the third quarter as the Eagles out scored 26-23. Mueller led Southern Boone with four baskets in the period for eight points. The Dixon Bulldogs were led by Shelton who scored eight points also in the quarter. The Eagles led 57-45 after three quarters of play on the night. The Eagles continued to just have one extra basketbet again in the final period as they out score the Bulldogs 16-14 in the final quarter of play. Both Tramell and Smith led the Eagles with five points each in the final period of the game. The Bulldogs were led in the fourth quarter by Holzer who had six points.

The Southern Boone Eagles won the game 72-49 and moved on in the Class 3 District 10 tournament. The Dixon Bulldogs ended their 2017-2018 season with and 11-14 record on the year.

The Dixon Bulldogs were led in scoring by Harris with 12 points and Holzer who scored 17 points in the final game. Shelton scored 10 points and Winkle added two points for Dixon. Sinden scored a free throw and Willis added seven points. Salias scored eight points for the Bulldogs on the night. Parker added a three pointer on the night.

The Southern Boone Eagles were led in the game by Smith with 19 points in the game. Stichnote added 15 points and GIlmore scored 14 points. Mueller added thirteen points in the win. Tramell scored 10 point in the game for the Eagles. Goodrich added a basket in the district win.

The Southern Boone Eagles shot just at 50% at 30/61 and were at 66% and 6/9 on free throws. The Dixon Bulldogs shot 20/45 on the night and was around 45% all night in shooting. The Bulldogs also make 10/16 free throws on the night.

The Southern Boone Eagles will play the St James Tigers in the next round of districts.