The gym was packed at Laquey on Friday night in an all Frisco League Championship. It pitted the Richland Lady Bears against the Stoutland Lady Eagles and the Crocker Lions against the Newburg Wolves. After the night was over, both Pulaski County schools were still standing.

Girls Championship - Richland Lady Bears vs Stoutland Lady Tigers

The Richland Lady Bears faced a similar opponent in the district championship this year as the Lady Bears faced the Lady Tigers in December and defeated them 65-32 at Richland High School.

The Lady Bears came into the game with a 17-6 record and the Lady Tigers had a 16-7 season record. Both Stoutland and Richland girls were on a seven game winning streak going into the game.

The game began with the Richland girls taking an early 10-4 lead in the game. The Lady Bears were led by both Brittany Latham and Jessi Whittle with three points each in the period. Both Looney and Sarah Pribble scored two points each in the first quarter.

The Lady Bears did not slow down in the second quarter as they were able to outscore the Lady Tigers 16-6 in the game. Whittle led the Lady Bears in the period with six more points in the game. The Lady Tigers were led by Becca Looney, Pribble, and Skylar Shepherd with two points each.

The Richland Lady Bears led in the game 26-10 after the first half of the championship. Jessi Whittle led the Richland Lady Bears with nine points in the first period of the game. The Stoutland girls were led in scoring by both Looney and Pribble with four points each in the championship.

Both the Richland girls and Stoutland Girls score 19 points each in a period where both teams matched each others shots. The Stoutland Lady Tigers were led by Pribble with seven points in the period. The Richland Lady Girls  were led in a big way by Morgan Moss who scored 15 points in the quarter. The Richland Lady Bears led 45-29 after three period of the game.

The final period of the game was another exciting one as the Lady Bears were able to just edge out the Lady Tigers 16-15. The Lady Bears were led by Latham who scored seven points in the period, including make all five of her free throws. The entire Richland team made 10 out of their 11 free throws in the period. The Lady Tigers were led by Sein with nine point in the final period. She made all three of her free throws in the game.

The Richland Lady Bears won the District Championship 61-44.

Head Richland Lady Bears Girls Basketball Coach Charlie Parker said this about the next game against Skyline, "We have a tough road ahead of us, that's no doubt starting off with skyline the number one team in the state. We are going to have to be able to handle the press and control the tempo of the game. We have to try and keep their guards in check and no where their shooters are at all times. We are going to have to really execute on the offensive end and limit turnovers because their quick little team will turn a turnover into a basket. We are going to have to come in the next few days work hard and go out on Wednesday believe we can do it and give it our best shot."

Senior Jessi Whittle said this about winning the Championship, “Winning a District Championship has been a goal since 8th grade. We've worked so hard to achieve our goal and got it done. It's the best feeling in the world.”

Senior Jaycee Graves said this after the game, “It was an overwhelming sense of satisfaction to know that all those years of dedication and hard work had paid off. I’m so thankful I got to do it with a group of girls that I first started playing ball with.”

The Richland Lady Bears were led in the game by Senior Morgan Moss who scored 23 points and Senior Brittany Latham who scored 16 points in the Championship. Senior Jessi Whittle scored 11 points in the win. Senior Jaycee Greaves added eight points and Junior Kiley Cargill scored three points to help secure the victory.

Senior Captain Morgan Moss this about winning the district title, “The experience is indescribable. We have finally accomplished something we have had our minds set on doing since our 7th grade year. It’s a feeling of relief, excitement, and joy all in one feeling. Now I’m ready to move on and continue our journey together towards that State title.”

The Stoutland Lady Tigers were led Sophomore Breanna Stein with 15 points and Sophomore Sarah Pribble who scored 13 in the loss. Both Junior Becca Looney and Sophomore Melanie Hubbs scored six points each in the game. Sophomore Skylar Shepherd added four points for the Lady Tigers.

Richland will take on the Skyline Lady Tigers on Wednesday night at Boswell Auditorium at Lebanon High School. The Lady Tigers are 27-2 and are on a nine game winning streak. Their only two losses this year are against the Strafford Lady Indians who are undefeated this season and the Clever Lady Blue Jays who are 20-6 on the year.

Boys Championship - Crocker Lions vs Newburg Wolves

The Crocker Lions and Newburg Wolves are no stranger to each other. This is the second time both team have met this season and the Crocker boys defeated them at home i January. The Lions are on a seven game winning streak while the Wolves are on a three game winning streak.

The Lions took a 14-11 lead after the first period of the game. The Crocker Lions were led in scoring in the period by Adam Shockley with eight points. The Wolves were led by Landin Callahan with seven points in the period.

Crocker once again was able to make a couple more shots as they out scored the Wolves 13-9 in the second quarter. Caleb Austin led the Newburg Wolves with six points in the second period. The Crocker Lions were led in the period by and outstanding performance from Brian Boorom with seven points. He pulled down seven key rebounds for Crocker.

The Crocker Lions led 27-20 in the lower than usual scoring game for both teams. The Crocker Lions were led in the game by both Nathaniel Combs and Adam Shockley with eight points a piece. The Newburg Wolves were led by Landin Callahan with seven points in the first half.

The Newburg boys took their halftime talk to heart as they were able to hold the Lions down and out score them in the period 14-6. The Wolves took their first lead of the night as they led 34-33 in the third quarter. The Wolves were led again by Callahan who scored six points in the period. The Crocker Lions were by Ethyn Boorom with four points in the third quarter.

The final period of regulation was and incredible one as the Lions squeaked by the Wolves in a defensive battle 9-8. At the end of regulation both teams were tied at 42 points each thanks to free throws by many of the players on both teams. The Crocker Lions were led by Boorom with six point in the final period. The Newburg Wolves were led by Ryan Terry in the period with his four points.

The Overtime period was a back and forth fight that kept the fans from both team engaged in the the game. The Lions were able to out score the Wolves 9-6 and win the District Championship 51-48.

Head Crocker Lions Coach Phillip Gambill said this after the win, "It's always a goal of a team to win a District Title. I am proud of our guys for staying focused and doing the things that are needed to do to win a District Title. We are blessed with a great group of kids, who through hard work and dedication are well deserving." He said this about the Newburg Wolves, “"Hats off to Newburg. They came out ready to play. They did a great job forcing us to play their tempo."

Boorom and Shockley were both key players in the overtime period to half tie the score back up. Callahan scored five of the teams points for the Wolves and ended the season on one of his strongest games of the year.

Assistant Crocker Lions Boys Basketball coach Dalton York said this about the season and the win, “Our guys really had to fight through adversity this week, with an emotional win over Iberia and turning around the next day to play the biggest game of our season, I’m just so proud of how they responded time and time again, that just shows the heart and character of each of these basketball players on our team, this was a great accomplishment winning our district for the first time since 2007, but we are ready to get back in the gym and get prepared for Wednesday.”

The Crocker Lions will play the 17-10 Spokane Owls in the second game of the night at Lebanon High High School on Wednesday.

“Winning districts was a dream come true, just knowing that the countless hours me and my brothers have spent in the gym has finally paid off is one of the best feelings in the world," said senior Logan Wright. "Knowing that our names are going to be hanging on a banner in school for the rest of our lives is unbelievable.”

Senior Ethyn Boorom said this about winning the district title this season, “This year has been by far the most memorable year of my basketball career. The team I’m playing with is the greatest group of young men and ball players I know. I am so thankful to be able to call them my teammates and my family. Winning the district title was a dream come true. I have been dreaming of winning a district title since I was a kid and I think our girls assistant coach Peter Bryant put it best when he said, “When the dreams of boys become the accomplishments of men.”

“We all had a goal at the beginning of the season and that was to hang another banner in our gym," said senior Nathaniel Combs. "Coach Gambill said good things were going to happen us soon and to believe. It’s an unbelievable experience to hold up that District trophy in front of your whole town.”

The Crocker Lions were led in the game by Senior Ethyn Boorom with 17 points. Senior Adam Shockley scored 11 points and Senior Brian Boorom scored ten points in the championship win. Senior Nathaniel Combs added nine points in the game. Both Senior Logan Wright and Cameron Bryant scored two point each in the win.

The Newburg Wolves were led in scoring by Senior Landin Callahan with 15 points and Senior Ryan Terry with 13 in the close game. Junior Caleb Austin added 10 points and Senior Travis McWilliams scored six in the championship game. Freshman Hunter Mentola and Freshman Tristan Wofford combined for three points in the game.