Andre Bradley, 18, of St. Robert, has been charged with Class E felony Unlawful Use of a Weapon after allegedly threatening multiple people with a firearm.

According to the probable cause statement, Bradley was present during an altercation between a friend and his girlfriend. The girlfriend was the main reporting party in the probable cause statement along with two other individuals.

The reporting party told the investigating officer, according to the probable cause statement, that she had arrived at the residence of her boyfriend to pick up her minor child and an altercation developed between them.

According to the reporting party, in the statement, "she ran out the back door screaming, and called 911 for help."

She told the investigating officer that "Andre exited the vehicle" located nearby, "walked up to her with a gun in his hand, pointed it in her face, and told her he would shoot her."

Two other witnesses are noted in the probable cause statement by investigating officers as a man and woman, known to the reporting party, called to the scene, in an attempt to help the reporting party during the argument over custody of the child.

The two witnesses told the investigating officer, according to the probable cause statement, that Bradley approached their vehicle on the passenger side, after pulling in behind them in another vehicle, allegedly removed a firearm from a backpack. The firearm was described as "black in color, with an extended magazine."

"Andre pointed the firearm at him, and then began to walk around the vehicle, still pointing the firearm," the investigating officer reported that the witnesses stated in the statement.

According to the document, Bradley insisted that the driver roll his window down, but the driver refused, only to comply when Bradley allegedly "insisted." The investigating officer wrote that Bradley allegedly pointed the gun at the driver and asked why they were there.

The driver reported that they told Bradley that they had been there to help the reporting party, but were ready to leave. According to the probable cause statement, Bradley told them to leave.

The investigating officer noted in the probable cause statement for this incident that Bradley has allegedly multiple incidents with law enforcement.

"Andre has had numerous physical incidents, involving firearms. Andre is currently on probation for armed criminal action, and was in possession of a firearm during this incident," the officer wrote in the probable cause statement.

A search of court records revealed that Bradley is currently on probation for Unlawful Use of a Weapon stemming from an incident in February of 2017 where Bradley pleaded guilty and received probation.

In that incident, Bradley was also present during an argument between a friend and his girlfriend, however this incident did not involved the same individuals as the newest one. In that incident, it was alleged that Bradley exited a vehicle and held a gun to the throat of the reporting party's boyfriend, threatened to shoot the reporting party and left with the boyfriend.

Later, a photograph was sent to the girlfriend by the boyfriend, which was provided to the investigating officer, where the boyfriend was holding the gun, allegedly brandished by Bradley earlier, to his own temple with a good bye message accompanying it.

Bradley's guilty plea to the incident happened in August of 2017 and he received five years supervised probation. Bradley's probation was suspended September 29 of 2017 after new charges were filed for three counts of Domestic Assault in the third degree and one count of Unlawful Use of a Weapon. However, he made bond and the probation hearing has been rescheduled several times since that incident. He was also charged with Posession of a Controlled Substance and Resisting or Interfering with an Arrest for a Felony at the same time in a separate case.

Bradley's current bail has been set for $100,000 and hearings have been scheduled in each case, throughout March.