The Crocker Lions ended their season at Drury University in Springfield on Saturday night. Crocker faced the Purdy Eagles and nearly had a comeback. They fell 70-64 to the Eagles.

Both the Eagles and the Lions were tied after the first period at 11 points each. The Crocker Lions were led by Adam Shockley with four points in the period. Colt Keeling led the Eagles with his four points in the first quarter.

The Eagles used their momentum to outscore the Eagles 19-8 in the second period. The Eagles were led in the period by three separate people. Keeling had seven points while Hunter Cook scored six points and Tyler Keeler had five points. The Crocker Lions were led in the period by Logan Wright with four points.

The Purdy boys led 30-19 in the game going into halftime. Keeling led the Purdy boys with 11 points in the first period. Both Wright and Shockley led the Lions with six points each.

Both teams picked it up in scoring as the Eagles just edged out the Lions 20-18 during the third period. The Purdy team improved their lead to 50-37 after three periods of play. Keeler led the Eagles with eight points in the period. The Crocker Lions were led by Ethyn Boorom who scored six points in the period.

The Crocker Lions tried to pull off a comeback during the final period. Crocker outscored Purdy 27-20 during the fourth quarter and came within three points of pulling off the comeback. The Lions used a team effort that involved seven boys putting points up  during the period. The Lions shot an incredible 9 out of 11 free throws in the comeback effort. Both Boorom and Shockley scored five points each on two field goals made. Wright scored nine points in the final quarter. Both Keeler and Keeling led the Eagles in the final quarter as they combined for 13 points.

Crocker Lions boys basketball coach Phillip Gambill said this about the final period run, "I was proud our guys did not quit. They got down early and grinned through a tough battled game. Our seniors stepped up in the last three minutes of the game to make a final run. I really thought if we had a couple more minutes we could of pulled it out. But when you dig a hole early, it's hard to come back in playoff games."

The Purdy Eagles won the game 70-64 over the Crocker Lions and advanced to play the Hayti Indians in the Final Four at Missouri State university this Friday at 6:50 PM.

The Crocker Lions ended their season with a 22-9 record and were led in scoring during the game by Senior Logan Wright with 19 points during the final game. Senior Adam Shockley scored 15 points for the Lions and Senior Ethyn Boorom added 14 points. Senior Nathaniel Combs score eight points and Senior Cameron Bryant added five points in the loss. Junior Ethan Gan, Senior Dillion Porter, and Senior Brian Boorom added a free throw in the game for the Lions.

The Purdy Eagles improved their record to 24-6 and were led in the game by Senior Colt Keeline with 24 points and Senior Tyler Keeler who score 20 in the win. Senior Hunter Cook added 11 point for the Eagles.  Senior Joby Young scored seven points while Senior Jose Sanchez score three points to advance in the state tournament. Junior Mason Schallert made a basket in the game while Freshman Osiel Aldava made a free throw.

Coach gambill said this about the 2017-18 season, “It was a great overall season. Any time a team can make it to the state playoffs is a great accomplishment. I was most proud of our guys for their hard work and perseverance throughout the season. Basketball is a longest season in high school sports. The season is a true grind and I thought our guys gritted throughout the postseason. They should be proud of their accomplishments."

Senior Adam Shockley said,  "This season has been a season to remember. It's been a great season with great people making plenty of memories. It's been an honor to be a part of this great team and have the accomplishments we have made together. We came up short against Purdy, but things happen in life for a reason. It was still a season to remember and that's all I can ever ask for."

Gambill said this about next season, "We will have less experience, but we will have guys who will come out and fight each night. I am confident that if we can get our guys in here this off season and commit to getting better we have the opportunity to surprise some people next season."

Frisco League MVP and All District Team member Ethyn Boorom said, "This year went by so quickly. If we would've told anyone this year we're going to make it to the state quarterfinals they would tell you we were crazy. We didn't get the ending that we wanted but we sure gave it our all and left everything on the floor. I'm very lucky to say that I've got to play the sport I love with some of my best friends and the best coaches a player or person could ask for. I'd like to thank the Crocker community for being behind our back all the way, we were truly blessed and I'll forever miss playing for this team and this community."