Tales from Law Enforcement

I told Natalie Sanders the rest of the story that I had left out of the first article and she said I needed to tell all so here goes………In the days, weeks and even years after bank robbery day I found out a few more bits to the overall story I did not know.
When I called in for backup one of the Rolla Zone Troopers was in the radio room and heard the traffic. He promptly ran to his patrol car and backed up quickly from his parking space…….but unfortunately backed up a shade too far and found one of the very large posts that ringed the parking lot at Troop I at that time….Boom! Body damage to P-car.
A pair of Patrol detectives jumped into one car and headed for St. Robert. Somewhere around the Jerome hill in Phelps County they blew an engine belt on their car. Suspect excessive speed may have been a factor here and when they arrived at St. Robert Police HQ their car was surrounded by a large mountain of smoke and steam. But we did not need the St. Robert Fire Department.
In Jefferson City at the Patrols Aircraft Division office located at the Jeff City airport the phone rang and the only pilot there was told to “scramble” a unit for air support in Troop I. He ran out to his chopper and started flipping switches and just as the big overhead fan blades began the make those neat loud whoop, whoop, noises he was advised to cancel. Situation under control.
Meanwhile back at the bank the bad guys had surveyed the bank parking lot while discussing the idea of shooting their way out of their jam and………….they decided there were too many of us around the bank. Next they considered the hostage/negotiation route and they decided there were too many of us and we appeared somewhat disorganized……….so that plan went down the drain.
Realizing that the best course would be surrender they went into the bank president’s office and called their girlfriends in Texas and told them they would be out of circulation for a few days and would contact them again when there status had resolved. Then they took the two female tellers to the back door, forced their firearms, including a shotgun with most of the barrel cut off, into their hands and shoved them out the door first so the goofy cops could shoot them. But we did not play that game and concentrated on the bad guys.
If I remember correctly after the FBI presented the case to the U. S. Attorney’s office both bad guys got a 15 year vacation at federal expense. I am sure they enjoyed their stay as guests of the government.