Have you ever wanted to really make a difference in someone’s life? Pulaski County Habitat for Humanity has an idea about how you can do that. They are looking for volunteers to help with their current build in Waynesville.
Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization with a vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.
Thanks to the hard work and contributions of community volunteers the current habitat house project is well underway and seeing great progress.
Locally, as well as across the United States, the organization carries out the mission through new construction of homes, as well as rehabilitating existing homes and improving homes in partnership with individuals and families in need.
Habitat for Humanity Pulaski County, founded in October 2001, is operated solely on volunteer support that works toward the overall organization’s vision, in the local community.
The habitat house is the initiative most commonly associated with the organization.
Following a nondiscriminatory policy, the habitat homeowner program allows for an individual or family to have an opportunity at a better future, given they meet the following requirements:

1 In need of better housing

2 Willing to partner with Habitat

3 Able to pay an affordable mortgage

Potential homeowners may be struggling to pay their rent or mortgage, or maybe living in an unsuitable home in need of repairs. That would establish the individual’s or family’s need. In partnering with Habitat for Humanity, the receiving individual or family must be willing a prepared to invest hundreds of hours of sweat equity, by assisting with the building process of their home, or another Habitat home, or even serving in other capacities throughout the organization.
Habitat offers an affordable mortgage, in which the payments are then cycled back into the community to help build more homes.
The Habitat for Humanity Pulaski County current project is located at 25960 Silver Lane, Waynesville, MO 65583.
With statistics revealing that one in four households in the U.S. pays more than 30 percent of their income for housing, that then lends to the difficulty of affording other necessities such as food and clothing, according to the Habitat for Humanity website, a great need is being met through this program.
However, Habitat for Humanity Pulaski County could still use more volunteers.
“Everything we do is by volunteers. We always need more volunteers,” said Stephanie Boyd, Habitat for Humanity Pulaski County, Secretary.
To volunteer or for information on applying for a Habitat house, contact Habitat for Humanity Pulaski County at (573) 774-5963, by email at h4hpulaskicomo@gmail.com, as well as on Facebook.