Last week the community got their first look at the new Waynesville High School Football Coach Joe Haynes. Haynes began the night by thanking the community members and athletes for coming out.

Haynes is from a military family and  is coming to Waynesville from Arkansas where he was an Assistant Coach at several schools. He has experience in coaching nearly every position in football. He was part of Arkansas’s longest playoff appearance streak for a school with 29 strait appearances, where he was both a player and a coach at Newport School District. The school has made the playoffs the last 29 years.

He said, when asked what he brings to Waynesville Football, “I bring Passion and energy number one. It goes hand and hand in football Without that passion it's hard to get out in the heat during the summer. It get the energy we need to get this thing on board and i'm excited about working with the coaches and ultimately i’ll bring a spark that needs to be successful with the talent that is already here. I am just going to be the guy that will help facilitate that.”

He is planning to begin right after spring break and is encouraging students to play a sport in the spring and to work out if they are not playing.

Parents and students can contact him through the school if they are interested in football or have any questions. He will be at the high school the rest of the year to get to know the students and settle in.

When asked about his family, Haynes said, “Orange and Black fit them well.” He and his wife are moving to the area. They are both alumni of Batesville High School where the school colors are the same. He also said that it will be Him, His mother and his wife moving in.

He said loves coaching high school football and began coaching after his body was worn out after high school. Haynes said he uses football as a tool to guide young men to get better and is excited to be here.