Waynesville City Council met in a regular meeting Thursday night and passed a resolution to request that Representative Steven Lynch oppose a bill about trash collection that is currently in the state Legislature.

After a closed session and approval of the consent agenda the meeting began with discussion of several proposed ordinances and resolutions including proposed ordinances on a lead ban in public and private drinking water plumbing, approving a contract between the city and AST Storage tank and Silo Manufacturing and and an airport marketing agreement between the City of Waynesville, St. Robert, and the Sustainable Ozarks Partnership.

Resolution 004 opposes state legislation to establish a “freedom to choose” trash collection act and “respectfully requests that Representative Lynch oppose this bill.”

Present at the meeting were. Mayor Luge Hardman, Councilman Tim Mann, Councilman Clarence Liberty, Councilman Ed Conley, Councilman Mike Francis, Councilman Jerry Brown, Councilman Alan Clark, Councilman and Sheryl Folkert. Councilman Michael Curtis and Councilman Jerry Brown were absent.


Three more things to know from the City Council:


Lead ban on drinking water systems

Ordinance 2304 approved a lead ban on public and private drinking water plumbing. The purpose banning the use of lead material in the water systems is to protect city residents from lead contamination in the city's  public drinking water and their own systems.


Contract to replace Sunset Water Tower awarded to AST

The city water system has been impacted by the failure in the Sunset water tower.  After researching many systems regarding replacement, the City of Waynesville awarded the contract to AST storage tank and silo manufacturing.  


Grants for DWI and hazardous moving violations

Ordinance  2306 approved Police  Chief Cordova`s request to apply to the Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Safety Division for a $12,000.00 grant to aid in the reinforcement of hazardous moving violations to include driving while intoxicated and accidents caused by distracted driving and a $24,500.00 to deter and decrease aggressive driving to include speeding.


Other business

Code Red is the city's emergency system for all residents of Waynesville.  This past week the city used the system to notify affected residents of a power  outage.

Residents can find out more about Code Red on the Waynesville City website page (http://www.waynesvillemo.org) and sign up to receive notification. Residents can receive notification by phone, email and text message.

The city of Crocker decided to stop using their Code Red because it wasn't cost effective.

During the committee meeting of emergency service and police, Councilman Folkert stated "there are elderly in town that do not use smartphones for the free apps that are available and did not  want to see the city stop using the service.”

If you have questions on Code Red, please contact  Waynesville City Hall.


Spring Cleanup
Spring Cleanup will be April 19.  Everything needs to be out at the curb by 6:30 a.m. For a list of items that will not be picked up, please refer to the City of Waynesville website. (http://www.waynesvillemo.org)

This Spring Cleanup date is for residents who live insidethe Waynesville City Limits and pay their trash bill through the City of Waynesville. If you have large appliances that need to be picked up, you must call Ziegenbein Sanitation (573) 336-4848, and let them know, because these items will need to be picked up by a different vehicle.