Meet Kandy Murphy with Richland’s Alderman Ward II. Kandy has served for Richland’s Alderman Ward II for 3 years and is in the middle of her second term. Kandy said she prides herself on making decisions about what’s best for her community.

When asked about her leadership role, Kandy responded that she didn’t feel she was a woman in leadership; rather she was a part of a team.

She said, “I’m one sixth of a vote to make the best decisions for a city with the information that’s available.  A job needs to be done, so I just do it.”

Kandy got involved in her leadership role through the encouragement of her husband. Kandy’s husband, Tom, served on the Board for six years and according to Kandy, repeatedly told her that “she would be a great contributor.”

“I love to be with people and being an Alderman is a “people job,” Kandy shared.

She said her favorite part of being an Alderman is being on a team with the same goal of providing what’s best for Richland. Although Kandy loves her role and her contributions to the city, she said it’s not always easy. The hardest part is expressing opinions that may differ from the group.

“Sometimes they agree with me and sometimes, not so much,” Kandy said.

There have been several people that have contributed to her success and her role on the Board of Aldermen, according to Kandy. She said that her heroes include her mother, aunt, husband, and father.

Kandy shared, “I do thank all the women I have had the honor of spending time with for they have helped me to be strong and self-confident.  My Mother and her sister, Aunt Kathy, raised eight children with lots of love and words of encouragement.” She added, “And of course, my biggest fan is my husband, Tom, who always has my back, even if he disagrees with me.”

Kandy continued, “My father, who was in the military, told me as I prepared to graduate from high school, ‘“A lot of people have laid down their lives for you Kandy to be exactly what you want to be, so do it!”’ I graduated from Central Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education.”

Kandy also recognizes her sisters and fellow military wives as heroes and role models in her life.

She said, “My three sisters are all very strong and willing to step up and take the lead in any event,” and went on to say, “My sister military wives ‘hold down the fort’ while husbands deploy. They handle everything domestic while their husbands concentrate on getting their job done and coming home safely to them.”

Kandy’s advice to young women is to “try something outside of your comfort zone.” She advised, “Run for Alderman of your ward. You might really like it,” as well as, “just do the best you can to pitch in and help to make whatever it is better.”

Kandy said she hopes to accomplish what Richland’s Ward II wants to accomplish. She strives to represent the people.

“I try talking to as many people as possible as I ride through the ward, especially on weekends, and catch them out and about,” Kandy said of her travels through her ward.

Kandy has encouraged those in Richland’s Ward II to reach out to her via phone. Her number is 573-765-5966. “I have an answering machine if not home and will return phone calls.”