The Pulaski County Humane Society is looking for help to care for and place two canines that are in need of a forever home.

The Pulaski County Humane Society is looking for help to care for and place two canines that are in need of a forever home. On March 12 Pulaski County Humane Society (PCHS) took Ruger, shot three times and Gunner, a seriously ill dog to Best Friends Animal Hospital for treatment. In a March 12 facebook post,  PCHS said “ both are fighting for their lives and both in the very  the capable hands of Dr. Hackworth at Best Friends in St. Robert.”

Gunner,  a young 11 month old male dog,  who had had been with PCHS for several weeks suddenly became very ill. Gunner had multiple tests done and exploratory surgery to try and find the cause of his intestinal disorder.   The cause of his problem was still unknown after exploratory surgery.

According to a PCHS spokesperson, “After hospitalization and medication, Gunner is doing fine and is ready for a commitment from a loving home.” Ruger was found injured and brought to PCHS by a good samaritan. Ruger had three gunshot wounds to the chest and head.  He would need to have surgery on his jaw but was not stable enough, on March 12,  for x-rays to be taken to determine the extent of the damage. According to a statement from PCHS, “The two gunshots to his head will require some time and healing.   One has damaged his jaw and he will have that wired as soon as he is stable enough. The other is still lodged in there somewhere as well and we are hoping that minimal brain damage won't be permanent. The shot to the chest was a through-and-through and missed his vital organs.  The damage caused by the shot to the chest resulted in pneumothorax.  (the presence of air and fluid in the cavity between the lungs and the chest wall, causing collapse of the lung.)

Ruger has recovered from pneumothorax.  Ruger is wearing a soft muzzle for support of his fractured jaw. He is being fostered and cared for by a member of the PCHS. On March 22, Ruger had a follow up appointment with the vet. A complete set of x rays of his jaw were taken and the results according to PCHS were “ that his jaw is shot and too bad to be wired.” Dr Hackworth is going to plate his jaw next week.  (late March/early April) PCHS said, “ Ruger Is one tough Heeler and we will make sure that once he recovers he has a wonderful home….  the emotional part of his journey may be more difficult than the physical.”