Waynesville teachers participated in a training that focused on several instructional strategies.

Waynesville R-VI teachers who are in their second year of teaching participated in a training focused on several instructional strategies to foster strategic thinking and collaboration on March 9 at the Waynesville Career Center.

Teacher Leaders Col. (Ret.) Charles Williams, Angela Houff and Saralice Campbell led the training and modified the strategies to reach various grade levels and content areas.  

Teachers worked in teams to practice STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) techniques. Each team had to design, redesign, create and test the durability and strength of a collaboratively designed marshmallow catapult. Each team then compared their custom design to the others to determine durability, strength, speed and force.

“The Teacher Leaders had loads of fun sharing and modeling effective critical thinking strategies with the new teachers,” said Campbell, who is also a fifth grade teacher at Wood Elementary. “We gained a lot of insight into the needs of our developing classrooms as well. It was time well spent with loads of fun and lots of learning. We're still recruiting the best of the best!”