Fifth graders at Freedom Elementary completed a PBL for ecosystems and habitats.

Shelly Long’s and Kimberly Hodges’ 5th grade classes at Freedom Elementary completed a PBL for ecosystems and habitats during third quarter. Students researched the different kinds of habitats with their groups, then completed and presented a Google slides presentation to their classmates with the information that they learned. 

After researching their habitats, the students then chose an animal from their respective habitat to investigate as well. Students learned about their animal’s adaptations, diets, interactions with humans and relationships with other organisms.

After completing their research, students got back with their original group to create an exhibit to represent their habitat, complete with mural, descriptive poster of their animal adaptations, 3D model, Google slides presentation and interactive learning games. 

The 5th grade students opened their museum on Thursday, March 8, for public viewing. Classes from 1st - 5th grade came to learn more about the habitats and animals while exploring the museum and slideshows, asking their “museum guides” questions, and/or playing the interactive games. The students, whether they were tourists or guides, all learned a tremendous amount about the habitats and animals that live in them.