Of the 19,253 registered voters in Pulaski County, 10 percent turned out to the polls to vote on April 3. 

When all was said and done, there were 13 write-in candidates for the Waynesville Ward 2 Councilman seat. Of those write in candidates, one received 4 votes, three received 2 votes each and the remainder all ended with 1 vote per person. 

Although there was a winner on paper, the question of who will serve will not be decided until the Pulaski County Clerk verifies the results of the election. Once the results are verified, the candidate with the winning tally will be contacted to make a determination on whether or not he or she will serve. 

The Waynesville city clerk’s office said it will depend on if the candidate is interested and meets the qualifications for serving on the city council. If not, the city will have to figure out how to break the 3-way tie of the three candidates who each received 2 votes and go through the same process of seeing who wants to serve and who is qualified.

Donald Ungercht received the largest number of write-ins with 4 ballots cast, followed by William Siabaugh, Kevin Prichard and Michael Dunbar, each receiving 2 votes. 

Allen Earl, Clarence Liberty, Cecil Davis, Yvonne Reeves Chong, Mark Prugh, Keith Prichard, Janet Dunar, Shelly Comte and Craig Lac each received one vote. 

In other election results, the voters in Waynesville approved the implementation of the use tax on Internet and out-of-state purchases by a margin of 61 to 38 percent. Of the ballots cast, 212 said yes with 132 voting no. 

In St. Robert, voters turned the use tax down. The ballot issue lost by 13 votes with 60 against and 47 in favor. 

In other election outcomes, voters in the Dixon School District showed their support for a $2.6 million bond issue with 484 ballots cast in favor and 117 against. The renovation/construction project is scheduled for later this year.