As I am sure many of you have heard by now, the Daily Guide is undergoing more exciting changes.  We recognize the need for more local content and we are prepared to deliver.  In order to help us do that, we are re-assessing our distribution days.  The Daily Guide will now be found  on newsstands  on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The new distribution days, though fewer, offer a huge benefit for the readers with more content all three days.  

Monday’s edition will be filled with content from the past weekend’s happenings including full game recaps from area school sports, photos and stories from events around the region, news from the area schools and much more.  

Wednesday and Friday’s editions will be chock-full of content including health pages with information provided by the area medical providers, our popular outdoors page, lifestyles pages, and even a page for the kids.  Friday will offer a nice glimpse into the weekend with a calendar of what to do and look for over the weekend, area business pages and more.  

This change also makes for a great opportunity for our advertisers offering a much more robust product to message in and more specifically targeted advertising options.  With different advertising programs we are building, there is sure to be an opportunity for any business no matter how large or small.  Having come from a market of similar size and distribution I feel this is a great opportunity to play to our strengths on both an editorial and advertising perspective.  

After speaking with a portion of our subscribers and advertisers, I can assure you that this is not a move towards the negative but instead an opportunity to evolve into a stronger and more in depth product with a much more local emphasis.  The changes that have been made in the past year are all working towards a long future for the Daily Guide.  The team we have here are committed to providing an even better product for our readers and advertisers.

The Daily Guide will continue to publish news 7 days per week on their website,  There are benefits to the reduction in frequency, though the initial story will appear online, the version that will appear in print will contain more in depth information than the initial story online.  With the constant grind of the 24 hour news cycle it is difficult for a one person crew, with the help of our amazing stringers, to put out an in depth and detailed product that our readers deserve.  Natalie has done an exemplary job keeping up with the everything her job throws at her and this change will allow her time to do what she does best…dig deeper into the story and provide the full picture of how the news relates to you, our readers. 

To accompany this change we are also nearing the rollout of our e-reader edition.  The e-reader will allow subscribers to read an enhanced version of the paper while they are on the go via their laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  This gives you the opportunity to read the print version of the paper no matter where your travels take you.  The e-edition will be available to all yearly subscribers at no additional charge, and for those wishing to sign up we have fantastic rates available!  With the enhanced version, you will be able to click on web addresses, email addresses, and even phone numbers from your mobile device to correspond seamlessly with the advertiser.  

As another added benefit to our readers, we have recently partnered with, a global network of online obituaries.  This partnership allows those visiting our site to pay their respects through services provided by such as ordering followers and offering kind regards to friends and family.  With the obituary pages being one of the most prominently visited pages on our site it was a natural fit to allow those visiting an opportunity to send condolences right there rather than jumping from site to site.  

As we continue working on bigger and better things for the Daily Guide, we encourage you to talk to us.  We work hard to provide a product that you appreciate and value.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us, we value the feedback of our subscribers and advertisers alike.  


Jason Lindsay

General Manager


Joyce Miller

Regional Editor


Natalie Sanders

Managing Editor