On Saturday, March 24, 36 students from Waynesville High School competed at the District Music Festival for solos and small ensembles, coming home with 15 “Exemplary-1” ratings and 15 “Outstanding-2” ratings.”

Students who received “Exemplary-1” ratings, will get the opportunity to compete at the State contest on April 26.

 The following students received “Exemplary-1” ratings:

Ezechiel Daos- Flute Solo

Hannah Bailey- Marimba Solo

Jade Brazzel- Oboe Solo

Collin Mourot- Euphonium Solo

Kameron Rosensteel- Euphonium 


Caitlin Banks- Flute Solo

Ezechiel Daos- Vocal Solo

Latrisha Ford- Trumpet Solo

Kyrien Edwards- Trumpet Solo

Anthony Zuber- Tenor Sax Solo

Anthonie Esparza- Trumpet Solo

Katie Blau- Vocal Solo

Allan Mitchell- Trombone Solo

Brass Quintet- Ladarion Hardison, 

    Latrisha Ford, James Felix, 

    Kyrien Edwards, Ricky Rivera

Woodwind Quintet- Shelly Swink, 

    Jade Brazzel, Ezechiel Daos, 

    Kahlan Taylor, Jordan Rivera

The following students received “Outstanding-2” ratings:

 Mallet Quartet- Hannah Bailey, 

    Lousia Veeck, Abbey Tromblee, 

    Katelyn Mitchell

FHorn Quartet- Ladarion Hardison, 

    Megaon Johnson, James Felix, 

    Jordan Rivera

Alexus Pesantemercado- Vocal Solo

Jada Willingham- Vocal Solo 

Zoe Runyon- Vocal Solo

Katie Spencer- Alto Sax Solo

Rachel Evans- Vocal Solo

Sean Gascon- Alto Sax Solo

Trombone Trio- Collin Kramer, 

    Jerec Soria, Andrew Gutowski

Erica Kosier- Vocal Solo

Shelly Swink- Clarinet Solo

Corina Foy- Vocal Solo

Jennifer Schenkenfelder- Vocal Solo

SSAA Quartet- Katie Blau, Lauren 

    Demalade, Rachel Evans, 

    Corina Foy 

Brigham Blackwell- Vocal Solo


Their directors and accompanists are Jim Stockmann, Cydnee Gilmore, Jared Sabatasso, Chelsea Handley, David Lawson, Michael Perrine and Whitney Martin.