The woods and hill sides in Pulaski County hold secrets that, to this day, remain a mystery. Sadly, these notorious murders remain unsolved. Any information, detailed or minute, will help in the aid of the investigations. Please contact the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office at 573-774-6196.

1. Jane Doe - It is no surprise that the Jane Doe case would top the list for Pulaski County’s unsolved murders. Who was Jane Doe and who was her killer? Jane Doe was identified as a 35 year old woman who was found in a low water crossing near Hwy MM near Dixon. She was found on May 25, 1981 strangled and beat to death. There was little evidence to identify Jane Doe such as a bra with a name written in the inside, which to this day, could be several different names depending on how you look at it and that she wore dentures. Jane Doe was exhumed in May of 2015 in hopes to close this cold case with new DNA technology. 

2. Timothy Lutz - On January 29, 2011, the morning of Timothy’s’ only child’s memorial, Timothy Lutz was found in his mother’s home deceased. According to Detective Doug Renno, with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, Tim Lutz had “trauma to the head and body” and defensive wounds on his hands that could have been from “blocking or striking” someone. He was also found in a room that he did not sleep in; with his own bedroom trashed. Investigation by police and the coroner led to the ruling of homicide. 

3.Gary Barnes and Judy Lewis - On March 11, 1976, lawmen were called to the home of Gary “Moses” Barnes and Judy Kay Meeks Lewis after two neighbors reported seeing something suspicious after approaching their home because they failed to answer the phone. Lawmen had to remove a padlock from the back door with wire cutters in which they discovered both bodies inside. Barnes was found in the living room shot and mutilated by his animals. Lewis was found shot between the hallway and back bedroom. Four bullets were discovered in the home and Barnes’ billfold and driver’s license was missing. Ronnie Cook, an employee at Jim’s Market in Waynesville at the time, testified to seeing Barnes on March 9, 1976 with a large sum of money. The money, aside from $38 in cash and a $750 check, was not located in the home. 

4. Dale Davis - On June 19, 2016, Dale Davis, Jr., 20, was gunned down in his home on Laramie Road in St. Robert but investigators believe he was not the intended victim. Investigators also believed that there are at least two suspects involved in the shooting but fled the scene before law enforcement arrived. It is suspected that Davis was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

5. Elizabeth Whitcomb - On May 21, 1983, Elizabeth “Betty” Whitcomb disappeared after her daughter last saw her on that afternoon leaving for the main post exchange on Fort Leonard Wood with her husband. Her purse was recovered in the Commissary parking lot and her glasses along with a hammer, with traces of blood, were found behind the couple’s home. Her husband, Milo Whitcomb, was sentenced to five years in prison for sexual abuse of his daughter that allegedly took place on the same day Mrs. Whitcomb disappeared. Skeletal remains that were found in the area of the post riding stables on Fort Leonard Wood were later identified as Mrs. Whitcomb’s. Mr. Whitcomb was never charged in the murder of his wife and refused to speak about her disappearance.