The Tigers competed in a two day pooled tournament this week in Lebanon. On Thursday, four teams gathered in Lebanon, while four different teams met in Camdenton, to compete in the first round of their pool. The top two teams in each pool then competed in the championships Friday for the overall trophy.

Waynesville competed very well, taking second in the Lebanon pool on Thursday. Beating Willow Springs 6-3 and Osage 7-2, the only team loss of the day was against Lebanon in a nail-biter, ending 4-5. Beating Lebanon earlier in the season 5-4, we knew this would be our toughest match-up of the day. The Tigers fought hard, but unfortunately fell just short of the mark. Still yet, the Tigers brought home a second place trophy, as well as several individual medals, and the opportunity to go back and compete for third place over all eight teams. Individual medalists are as follows: Singles – David Sneed (2nd), Tyler Gayman (1st), Cameron Martell (1st), Shawn Berrios (2nd), Caleb Andrews (2nd); Doubles – Gayman/Martell (1st), Emperato/Andrews (2nd).

On Friday, the Tigers returned to Lebanon to compete against Clinton for third place overall. Clinton had taken victories over Camdenton and Richland, while losing to Kirksville the day before. Having never played this team, and not seeing their opponents yet this season, we were unsure what kind of match we were walking into. The Tigers entered the match fighting and took three straight doubles victories. Only dropping three matches overall, Waynesville finished 6-3 to claim the third place trophy.

The Tigers will go on to play Houston at home on Monday before taking the road Thursday and Friday of next week.

Waynesville vs. Willow Springs
David Sneed vs. Ben Clarkston, 8-3
Tyler Gayman vs. Kenneth Traver, 8-0
Cameron Martell vs. Eli Moore, 8-1
Shawn Berrios vs. Cody Ward, 4-8
Aarron Emperato vs. Jerry Wickens, 9-8 (7-5)
Caleb Andrews vs. Wesley Clarskton, 8-6

Sneed/Berrios vs. Traver/Moore, 5-8
Gayman/Martell vs. B. Clarkston/W. Clarkston
Andrews/Emperato vs. Wickens/Ward

Waynesville vs. Lebanon
David Sneed vs. Bryson Crowell, 5-8
Tyler Gayman vs. Cade Winfrey, 8-4
Cameron Martell vs. Lane Hisel, 8-5
Shawn Berrios vs. Zach Stubblefield, 8-5
Aarron Emperato vs. Austin Hurney, 2-8
Caleb Andrews vs. Nathaniel Smith, 6-8

Sneed/Berrios vs. Crowell/Winfrey, 1-8
Gayman/Martell vs. Hisel/Hurney, 8-1
Emperato/Andrews vs. Stubblefield/Smith, 5-8

Waynesville vs. Osage
David Sneed vs. Grant Naudet, 8-6
Tyler Gayman vs. Logan Havner, 8-3
Cameron Martell vs. Mitchell Turner, 8-1
Shawn Berrios vs. Hunter Albers, 6-8
Aarron Emperato vs. Anthony Floyd, 8-9 (4-7)
Caleb Andrews vs. Drew Elley, 8-4

Sneed/Berrios vs. Naudet/Mitchell, 9-6
Gayman/Martell vs. Havner/Albers, 9-8 (7-3)
Emperato/Andrews vs. Floyd/Elley, 8-3

Waynesville vs. Clinton
David Sneed vs. Blake Stark, 7-9
Tyler Gayman vs. Tate Frost, 8-1
Cameron Martell vs. Mason Komer, 8-2
Shawn Berrios vs. Gunnar Ninemire, 6-8
Aarron Emperato vs. Elijah Holt, 6-8
Caleb Andrews vs. Tannner Wray, 8-1

Sneed/Berrios vs. Stark/Komer, 8-5
Gayman/Martell vs. Frost/Ninemire, 8-4
Emperato/Andrews vs. Holt/Wray, 8-6