Restrictions on tobacco and alcohol at Waynesville City Park, swearing in of elected officials, Sustainable Ozarks Partnership update, mutual aid agreement update

 After a closed session to discuss real estate, personnel and legal issues the council meeting began.

Present at the meeting were Mayor Luge Hardman, Councilman Tim Mann, Councilman Clarence Liberty, Councilman Ed Conley, Councilman Mike Francis, Councilman Alan Clark, Councilman Tim Mann, Councilman Sheryl Folkert,  and Councilman Michael Curtis.   Councilman Tim Mann was absent.

Kent Thomas, executive director of Sustainable Ozarks Partnership updated the Council on the progress and contributions made but City of Waynesville.

Thomas said,” Both Waynesville and St Robert have been important players in the enhancement and development of the region. Waynesville and St. Robert`s contributions and involvement are making a huge difference in ensuring the growth of each respective cities and the region.”

Topics of discussion for the council meeting included committee reports,proposed resolutions and ordinances to include adopting resolution 2018 - 2022  capital improvement plan,restrictions on smoking and drinking during youth sporting events on City property, an increase in monthly rates of security lights, an opportunity for residents to purchase a service line warranty for sewer and water line laterals, a resolution authorizing Waynesville Police to join the south central drug task force,  certification of election results,  swearing in of elected city council members:  Ward 1 Councilman Jerry Brown, Ward 2. Councilman Donald Ungerecht, Ward 3 Councilman Ed

Conley, and Ward 4 Councilman Michael Curtis, and committee appointments.


3 more things from the Waynesville Council.

1.  Dixon Mayor Shawn Worthington resigned.  Mutual aid agreement with Dixon put on hold.

Dixon Mayor Shawn Worthington resigned.  Mutual aid agreement with Dixon put on hold. 

Approved by the Waynesville Council on January 18, 2018, the City of Waynesville has been providing mutual aid to the city of Dixon.  Mutual aid is common between 2 cities.

Waynesville Mayor Hardman, said Worthington appreciated the work City of Waynesville did. 


Some of the positive impacts of the mutual aid agreement:

•  Department of Natural Resources has taken a step as Waynesville has been able to help the City comply with all regulations

• Progress has been made on the water leak on highway 28 near Coylar Medical Clinic

• Dixon helped Waynesville by providing a needed better truck and camera.


 At tonight’s council meeting the Mayor announced that because of areas of concern and the resignation of Mayor Worthington the mutual aid agreement with Dixon is on hold until the new Dixon administration requests help.


2. Restrictions on alcohol and tobacco at the water park, and Little Heroes Playground and youth sports events held on City property.

Approval of ordinance 2310 prohibits the use of lighted or heated smoking materials to include but not limited to e cigarettes, vapor apparatus, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other tobacco products, and the drinking of alcoholic beverages by any person, within 100 yards of any youth sporting events held on any city property or premise ,and  within 100 yards of the water park or Little Heroes Playground.  

This includes any smoke that may travel through any spectator area or playing due to high winds or weather.

Violators of this ordinance shall be subject to fines and costs in accordance with the city's municipal  code. 


3. Security lighting increase, opportunity for residents to purchase warranty on sewer and water line laterals

Ordinance 2312 approved the increase of installation charges and monthly rates for security lights.

The new monthly rate for security lighting will be $10 for security light up to 150 watts.

The installation charge for security lighting will be for $400 on a new poll.

 Ordinance 2311 authorized an agreement between the City of Waynesville and Utility Service Partners Private Label, Inc to offer property owners of the city of Waynesville an option, not obligation to purchase a service line warranty between sewer and water line laterals between the main lines of the city and the connection on residential private property.


Upcoming  events

•  Saturday May 19th  11am to 2pm Little Heroes playground grand opening

• Saturday May 19th National Kids to Park Day. Activities, a K9 demonstration, food, and information on summer programs for all community children are planned.