Upbeat music welcomed sixth grade students as they filled the seats of the Parker Fine Arts building in anticipation for the MAP Assembly. Many students sang together and clapped with the songs. Live It Award winners were celebrated for their leadership; the slogan was “Together We’re Better.” 

Several staff members performed a Ghostbusters inspired skit that reviewed test success strategies. Students laughed and cheered to see Principal Jamie Goforth, PBL Coach Connie Cromwell,  and Reading Specialist Angel Yoakum come on stage costumed as the Test Busters. Armed with silly string, they combated creatures that tried to keep students from doing their best on the test. 

The highlight of the event was a creative dance performed by WSGC students and choreographed by Monica Vega, parent and Thayer secretary. Dancers dressed as zombies and danced to a parody of Thriller sung by teacher Krista Madden. Lyrics were rewritten to inspire test taking best practices.

“A huge thank you to Angel Yoakum and her LEAD Assembly student team for organizing this fun event,” said Goforth. “Many teachers, staff, parents, and students synergized to make this an assembly to remember!“