79 grams of heroin were seized during an arrest by Pulaski County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) and the South Central Drug Task Force.

On May 7th, at approximately 3:40 p.m., the South Central Drug Task Force and Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputies, with the assistance of St. Robert Police Department executed a search warrant in the 1500 block of Hallmark Lane in St. Robert Missouri, according to a press release from PCSD.

PCSD reported that, during the search of the residence, four individually wrapped bags with a total approximate weight of 60 grams of heroin were discovered hidden in a light-switch. Additionally, as officers searched of the rest of the residence, they reported that a digital scale was found hidden in a pair of tennis shoes.

PCSD reported in a press release that while an officer was escorting Corey Overton to the patrol car, the officer observed Overton remove a bag from his person and attempt to throw it aside. The bag contained an additional 6 grams of heroin.

According to the PCSD press release, when they arrived at the Pulaski County Jail with Overton in custody, a correctional officer observed Overton throwing a clear plastic baggie to another inmate. As officers seized the bag, PCSD reports that it broke open and exposed two officers to the brown powdery substance inside the bag.

PCSD said that both officers began showing typical signs of an overdose and were taken to a regional hospital for treatment. According to the press release, the remaining substance in the baggie tested positive for heroin and weighed approximately 13 grams.

Dedric Overton was charged with Delivery of a Controlled Substance, a class C felony. His bond was set at $75,000. He was also charged with the class D felony of possession of a controlled substance inside a county jail. The bond on this charge was set at $50,000. Corey Overton was charged with a class C felony of Delivery of a Controlled Substance with a $75,000 bond. Warrants were issued by Judge Colin Long.

At the conclusion of their 24 hour hold, both subjects bonded out of jail.