A classic case of he said, she said leads to multiple charges for a St. Robert resident.

Ona King, 52, of St. Robert, was charged with Domestic Assault in the first degree-Serious Physical Injury, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Armed Criminal Action.

According to the probable cause statement, King's boyfriend called officers to the residence. King's boyfriend reported to the officers on the scene that King was allegedly "high under the influence of narcotics."

King's boyfriend claimed that he and King got in an argument about her drug habit. She allegedly picked up a firearm and pointed it at him. King's boyfriend claimed that he begged her to put the gun down, but she refused, according to the probable cause statement.

She allegedly pulled the trigger. The officer wrote in the probable cause statement that "the bullet traveled through the flat screen tv located in the living room, through the kitchen wall of the trailer, and towards the church located on Church Street."

According to the probable cause statement, "[King's boyfriend] stated, 'Had she not been high on drugs, she would have aimed better and killed me.'"

King reportedly arrived at the residence while officers were working the crime scene. The officer reported in the probable cause statement that King was not armed when she arrived on the scene. However, King told the officers where to find the weapon.

Officers reportedly discovered that King was a convicted felon. After King was arrested and given her Miranda Rights, she allegedly told officers that she fired at her boyfriend "in self-defense" because her boyfriend "had just fired the recovered firearm at her." Officers did not find any evidence of another discharge, according to the probable cause statement. King reportedly refused to provide a voluntary statement form.

According to the probable cause statement, "King has one prior conviction involving a firearm and one prior charge for assault however she was not convicted on the assault charge."

King's bond is $500,000. A court case set for advice of counsel is on May 15 at 9 a.m.

If convicted of the domestic assault charge, King could face five to 15 years. If convicted of the unlawful possession of a firearm charge, King could face two to seven years, imprisonment for a special term less than one year in the county jail, a less than $10,000 fine, or both imprisonment and a fine. If convicted of the armed criminal action charge, King could face less than three years imprisonment in the Missouri Department of Corrections without the possibility of parole, probation, conditional release or suspended imposition or execution of sentence for those three years.