The jail committee, formed by the Pulaski County Commission, tasked with making recommendations for the building of a new Pulaski County Jail met Monday evening and is making progress towards the project. 

The demolition is done in the ongoing jail project, having finished recently.  The board is in the middle of the design phase of the project, hammering out ideas for how the jail will be constructed in the end. They plan to be finished by the first week of June, according to County Clerk Brent Bassett.

The committee needs a firm bid before they can proceed to the construction part of the project. The bid period is 30 days.

The members of the board had a list of various firms that they discussed during the meeting. The board talked about involving a senior firm and two or three firms, which are called co-managers, for the bid. 

They considered multiple firms because of the  project size. The firms would be partners rather than competitors in the project. They considered the pros and cons of four different firms. The committee looked at the proposed underwriter's discount which is an underwriter's fee. They considered the costs of each firm option and each underwriter's fee. The board wanted to know which firm would make the best  senior firm.

The underwriter’s discount would be $295. The firms would either accept or deny the position as co-manager for the project.

The board considered firms that are based out of state, but some members of the board want firms that have Missouri experience. Some members of the committee want a firm that has experience underwriting annual appropriation financings similar to the county. The board compared and contrasted sales tax of each firm.

An option being considered would be using steel pods for the cells, similar to what is being used in other facilities. Presiding Commissioner Gene Newkirk told the Daily Guide, during Monday morning's County Commission meeting that the use of the pods would lower the cost of the project and provide easier access to features of the cells such as plumbing. 

The proposed jail can hold up to 114 beds if needed. The board expects to start on the jail in the middle of August. The overall budget is about $15 million and the committee has used up about a $1 million so far. According to County Clerk Brent Bassett, the board is approximately 20-25% complete with the project overall.