Waynesville High School’s foreign language department visited Freedom Elementary on April 26 to teach 2nd grade students about foreign culture.

Several AP foreign language students created engaging activities to teach Freedom’s 200+ second graders a little bit about French, German and Spanish. Second grade students were able to visit 12 centers that included children’s songs from other countries, classic children’s stories like “The Three Little Pigs,” simple vocabulary, sports traditions, flag making, and they even got to build their own German style castle.

The high school students were asked to reflect on the experience and had this to say;

“The kids were so polite and attentive! I’m extremely blessed and grateful to have had such a wonderful experience!” said Jada Roach.

“It was our pleasure to get to work with the children! We had a fun time! I wish we got to work with other grades of students as well, but the second graders were great and did a good job!” said Savanna Crockett.

“I really enjoyed the activity from yesterday. I’m glad I had the opportunity to connect with these children, educate them and advise them. I love these kids and I think I will be seeing myself working with them in the near future,” said Fabiola Alcazar.

“Doing the activities with the second graders was really fun! They were interested in the activity that we had prepared for them and many of them even tried to sing the Spanish song with us. It was a great time,” said Glory Schroeder. 

Both high school and elementary students enjoyed the experience and both schools are planning to make this an annual event.