Waynesville couple faces multiple charges

Waynesville couple charged with Stealing a Motor Vehicle and Tampering with a Motor Vehicle. According to the probable cause statement, Mark Kirk and Brianna Willis stole a vehicle which was Laclede County Electric’s property. The vehicle was reportedly found by GPS through the truck’s ON Star in Laquey. Kirk and Willis allegedly ran away from the truck and was later located and arrested. Kirk and Willis were both taken into custody where they both agreed to their Miranda Rights in interview rooms, according to the document.

The officer reported that Kirk knew he did not have permission from the owner to take the vehicle, but took the truck anyway. According to the document, Kirk “thought the vehicle was ‘dirty.’”

The officer wrote in the report that Willis knew Kirk stole the truck. According to the statement, Willis “knew Kirk could not afford a truck like that.”

Kirk and Willis were charged with Stealing a Motor Vehicle and Tampering with a Motor Vehicle in the first degree. If charged with stealing, they could face two to seven years, imprisonment for one year in the county jail or other authorized penal institution, a fine of $10,000, or both imprisonment and a fine. If charged with tampering with a vehicle, they could face the same charges as stealing.

Kirk’s bond is $50,000. The bond for Willis is $10,000.