The Waynesville Tigers have two players that were selected to the Class 5 District 10 All-District Team. Both of the players were selected on the Second Team.

Senior Noah Ochoa - Infield

The Ochoa had a key role in the Tigers’ season this year. He had 69 at bats this season. He scored 20 runs and had 18 hits. Ochoa also hit in nine Tigers this year. He had a .261 batting average and collected a .378 on base percentage for his senior year.

On the pitching side he struck out 20 batters and held the other teams to a .237 on base percentage. He went up against 150 batters in a total of 31 innings pitched. He ended his career with a 3.61 earned run average. 

Senior Ethan Gatzemeyer - Utility

Ethan Gatzemeyer was a great example of a multi-purpose player. He played several positions during the season. He had 62 at bats where he made 16 hits this season. He had 11 runs batted in. Gatzemeyer hit a .258 average while collecting a .338 on base percentage.