A Crocker woman was charged with stealing a human skull and two other items after getting fired from her job as a caretaker to an elderly man.

According to the probable cause statement, Rachel McGowan, 30, of Crocker, was charged with stealing a human skull, an animal horn and an Indian statue.

The reporting party told an officer that he suspected McGowan of the theft. McGowan was, prior to the report, the caregiver to an elderly relative of the reporting party.

According to the investigating officer's report, the reporting party fired McGowan after she had been arrested for an unrelated incident in February.

He allegedly noticed items missing from his father's home soon after that. The missing items were valued at least $750; the items were an Indian statue, an animal horn and a human skull, according to the document.

The reporting party told the investigating officer that his father found the skull 60 years prior on an Anthropological dig in a cave.

The officer wrote in the probable cause statement that he went to McGowan's residence and found all three missing items in McGowan's possession. The officer arrested McGowan and took her into custody.

If convicted, McGowan could face two to seven years, no more than one year imprisonment in the county jail or other authorized penal institution, a fine no more than $10,000, or both a fine and imprisonment.