The first tournament of the youth baseball season began with Dixon hosting the 4th grade teams as well as the 6th grade teams. Both Dixon teams picked up wins on the 4th grade side, while Laquey and Iberia came away with wins in the 6th grade division.

Dixon Bulldogs vs Iberia Rangers 4th - Tuesday

The Bulldogs and Hornets continued a Frisco League rivalry that stretched back to the high school baseball championship less than a month ago. The Rangers won the game and title then. This time the Dixon Batters were able to gain a 7-0 lead after the first inning of the game. Dixon scored four more runs in the third inning to win the game 11-1. The Rangers scored a run in the final inning.

Dixon Bulldogs vs Laquey Hornets 4th - Tuesday

The Bulldogs and Hornets are also Frisco League opponents in high school. The Hornets came into the game with a young, but disciplined team. Several of the kids moved up divisions to help the team.

Dixon took a 4-1 lead after the first inning of the game. Both teams would hold out well on the pitching in the second and third inning. The final score of the game was 4-1.

Crocker Lion vs Iberia Rangers 6th - Tuesday

The Lions and the Rangers know each other well, as they are less that 10 miles from each other. Both team came into the summer season with strong teams.

The Rangers began the game with two runs scored in the first inning, while the Lions left a couple stranded on base. Iberia added two more runs in the bottom of the second to the Lions one run they scored in the top. This gave the Rangers a 4-1 lead after two innings. Crocker outscored the Iberia hitters 2-0 in the third inning to cut the score to 4-3. Iberia answered back with two more runs in the fourth inning. This extended the lead to 6-3. Crocker tried to make a comeback in the final inning but was unable to gain the lead as they only scored one run in the fifth. That have the Rangers a 6-4 win to open their season.

Waynesville Huskies vs Laquey Hornets 6th - Tuesday

The final game of the night was one for everyone to enjoy. It was a high scoring one,as the Hornets defeated the Huskies 16-15 on a walk off steal.

Waynesville took an early lead of 6-5 after a long first inning. Both teams were able to score three each in the second inning. The gave the Hornets a 9-8 lead after two exciting innings.

The Huskies seamed to secure the win with their six runs in the top of the third inning. The inning gave Waynesville a 15-8 lead going into what would have been the final inning of the game. The Hornets had other ideas, as they needed seven runs to tied the game. Laquey heated up the bats as several players made it on base by singles or walks. The Hornets picked up a run with one out in the inning. The Hornets once again loaded the bases and this time it payed off. They hit a inside the park grand slam to pull them within one run of the tie. After a strike out the Hornets stole home and got the tying run with two outs left. The score was tied 15-15

This forced a playoff inning in which the Hornets were able to get a strike out and two tag outs in the top of the fourth. With 10:30 approaching the Hornets had the idea to win the game. They got the lead off batter on base and he stole two bases during the next at bat. He was able to win the game on an error throw after a hit and steal home plate. The Hornets won the game 16-15.