The second night of the preseason tournament was a night of high scoring games. The average score of the winning team was 14 runs while the other team only scored two.

Iberia Rangers vs Crocker Elite 4th - Wednesday

The Rangers and Lions Elite team began at the elementary level with a high scoring match up, The Rangers won the game 13-1 in five innings.

Iberia began the game with four runs in the top of the first inning. The Lions did not manage to score in the lower half. The Iberia hitters added another run in the second and third innings. That gave them a 6-0 lead after three innings. Iberia sealed up the win in the fourth and fifth inning as they scored four and then three runs in the final innings. The Lions scored their only run in the bottom of the fifth but fell to the Rangers 13-1 in the matchup.

Richland Bears vs Crocker Lions 4th - Wednesday

The Bears and Lions are common opponents at the high school level. The Bears won this round 14-4 in five innings.

The Bears began the game strong and took a 6-2 lead after the first inning. Richland added one more run in the second to extend their lead to 7-2 after the inning. The third inning was a better hitting one for both teams as the Rangers out scored the Lions 4-2. That gave Iberia a 11-4 lead. The Rangers added three more run in the fourth inning and hung onto the 14-4 lead to win the game.

Richland Bears vs Waynesville Red Birds 6th - Wednesday

The Bears and Red Birds were the first game of the night for the older kids on the night. The Waynesville team won the game 19-1 with their strong bats.

The Red Birds scored four runs in the bottom of the first inning. They added seven more runs to the Bears single run in the second inning. The Waynesville hitters led 11-1 after two innings. Waynesville added one more run in the third to extend their lead to 12-1 after three. The Red Birds sealed up the game with seven more runs to win the game 19-1.

Dixon Bulldogs vs Laquey Hornets 6th - Wednesday

The second game of the older kids was another matchup of two Frisco League teams.

The Bulldogs set the tone of the game with three runs in the first and second innings. That gave them a 6-0 lead after two. The Bulldogs scored seven more runs in the third inning to increase their lead to 13-0. Dixon finished the game up with two runs in the fourth inning. The Hornets scored one run in the final inning to make the final game score 15-1.

Waynesville Pirates vs Laquey Hornets JH - Thursday

The Hornets hosted the Pirates on Thursday night. The Waynesville hitters began the game with seven runs in the first inning. They continued the  scoring of seven runs in the second and third inning. The Pirates won the game 24-0 in four innings.