St. Robert road work starts within approximately six weeks according to the Pulaski County Commission. On Thursday, June 7, Eastern District Commissioner Lynn Sharp said Tampa Road and portions of Talon Lane, Timbers Subdivision and a section in Misty Mountain will be paved with new asphalt. 

“Within the next six weeks, we have Willard Construction going out into the St. Robert area. We’re going to do Tampa, the main thoroughfare all the way down to the T at the end,” Sharp said.“Then on the Timbers, we’re going to come back in there to do some overlays to try to get it to where we can chip and seal it at the end of the year, closer to the end of the summer,” Sharp said.

“We’re going to do half of Talon and then out in Misty Mountain, we’re going to do one of the hills out there. It’s a hill with a curve in it that we have a lot of problems with,” Sharp said. “It’s been a hazard because of the washboarding in the curve,” Sharp continued. “That’ll pretty well take care of our funds.”

To help save money, Sharp said they will try to save asphalt where they can. “Later on in the summer, we’re going to do a chip and seal out in the Timbers to see if we can save the blacktop that we have,” Sharp said. Sharp and Western District Commissioner Ricky Zweerink said Willard Asphalt Paving will be doing single pass roads 19 to 20 feet wide. 

Willard Asphalt Paving will be starting road work in approximately six weeks, after finishing current projects in Fort Leonard Wood. Sharp estimated the project will cost approximately $150,000 dollars.

 The County Commission also said it would cost approximately $4 to $4.6 million dollars to repair paved roads in the Eastern District. However, Sharp said their road budget is only $75,000 dollars for the fiscal year. Sharp also said they plan to put new sealant will help preserve roads and save money. 

Presiding Commissioner Gene Newkirk said Willard Asphalt Paving already has approval to start the projects after finishing current projects on Fort Leonard Wood. “It is approved and they got the go ahead to do it. It’s going to happen, it’s just when Willard can get there,” Newkirk said. Newkirk also said they wanted to wait to repair or repave roads due to heavy rain and floods from past seasons – with flooding being the biggest concern. 

Sharp said the road work will not be a long project, estimating it will only take approximately three or four days for Willard Asphalt to complete.