A St. Robert woman was charged with a class E felony of unlawful us of a weapon and a class E felony of harassment in the first degree.

According to the probable cause statement, Pulaski County sheriffs responded to a physical disturbance after Jasmine D. Haggard allegedly held a gun to her roommate’s head. This was the second time in one night that Pulaski County Sheriffs responded to 911 calls coming from Haggard’s residence. 

According to the probable cause statement, county sheriffs advised Haggard to leave the residence for 12 hours, which Haggard agreed to and planned to stay with family in the area. Haggard had allegedly returned to the residence around 1:30 a.m. the same night. 911 dispatchers stated they heard somebody tell the caller to hang up the phone.

The reporting officer also stated in the probable cause statement that Haggard allegedly fled the scene when they arrived. The reporting officer said in the probable cause statement that he spoke with three of Haggard’s friends who were also present at the scene but also reportedly trying to flee, one friend stated Haggard was with them. The witness said in the probable cause statement they brought Haggard over to allegedly retrieve personal items belonging to Haggard. Haggard stated she believed the victim was leaving and claimed to “attempted to just talk to her” according to the probable cause statement.

Haggard’s case has been set to face advice of counsel and is being held on a $50,000 dollar bond. If convicted, Haggard could face up to four years in custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections or one year of imprisonment in the county jail or fines costing $10,000 dollars each or both imprisonment and a fine.