Two men were charged with two felonies after allegedly stealing ink cartridges from Walmart in St. Robert. Both Michael D. Elmer, Jr., 31, and Shane Howe Green, 32, of Dixon, were charged with a Class B felony of burglary in the first degree and a class D felony of stealing.

Elmer and Green were arrested on June, 1, 2018 after a Walmart asset protection associate believed he saw Elmer and Green in the store after catching them allegedly shoplifting on surveillance tape on May 20, 2018. 

According to the probable cause statement with information given by the associate, Elmer and Green were seen walking around Walmart with hand baskets before allegedly taking ink cartridges on May 20. Elmer and Green were also caught on surveillance video leaving the area to come back with white plastic bags. 

 “Green and Elmer were seen leaving the view of Walmart surveillance footage for a short time and emerging with one white plastic bag each,” the probable cause statement said.

Elmer and Green reportedly walked out of the store with the merchandise in the plastic bags and tripped security sensors. The two allegedly did not stop and left the store with the merchandise. The protection associate said the estimated value of the stolen merchandise is approximately $1,150 dollars. 

On June 1, the reporting officer said in the probable cause statement they arrived on scene and found Elmer and Green sitting inside a vehicle together. The probable cause statement said Elmer was removed from the vehicle and had his arms checked for tattoos that were seen in the surveillance footage. Elmer’s tattoos were consistent with the footage. Walmart records show that Elmer has trespassed from Walmart in 2009.

Elmer and Green’s case are also set to face an advice of counsel and are being held on a bond of $50,000 dollars. If found guilty of the class B felony of burglary, both Elmer and Green face up to five years imprisonment in the Missouri Department of Corrections. If found guilty of the class D felony of stealing, the two will also face up to two years of imprisonment or one year in the county jail or up to a fine of $10,000 dollars.