Lost in the Woods Antiques and Collectibles sells antiques from all over the Country. Husband and wife duo, Dave and Jayne Hasik, travel to different states and attend auctions and estate sales. The husband and wife duo buys and sells customer antiques and collectibles. 

Dave and Jayne Hasik met while serving in the military. Jayne shared, “I was on duty as the Traffic Accident Investigator when someone ran a stop sign, and hit my patrol car. Because I couldn't investigate my own accident, I radioed in for another patrol to come to my location.” She continued, “As fate would have it, it was Dave who was dispatched to my location, and we "met by accident".”

The rest is history after that. Jayne shared that the day after she graduated Drill Sergeant School on Fort Leonard Wood; the couple drove to a stranger’s house who was the only one willing to marry them that day! Jayne shared, “Our goal is to one day find that house!”

The couple shared their love of antiques and opened their own antique shop six years ago. Not only do they love antiques but they love helping others. Jayne shared that her love for antiques started at a young age. “At age 10, I started cleaning the home of our town's Doctor after he passed away and his wife wasn't able to do it anymore. The home was huge and filled with beautiful antiques from all over the U.S. She ended up becoming my "adopted Grandma" and taught me all about glass, china, pottery, silver, furniture, etc.” 

After Jayne’s retirement from the military in June of 2008 and her job ending as an instructor on Fort Leonard Wood, the couple decided to open their own store with the encouragement of Jayne’s best friend. Jayne ran the store alone until business took off, in which case, Dave got out of the military reserves and quit his job to help out at the store. “We threw caution to the wind and said "Nothing ventured, nothing gained.””

The ‘powerhouse’ couple strived for their business plan to focus on honesty and respect. Jayne mentioned, “Before we opened our store, I attended an auction and was overwhelmed with sadness as I saw family photos up for auction. I thought, "This was someone's family, someone's prize possessions, and now it's all just lying on this table and up for auction." So we try to be as respectful and understanding as possible when families have to make the hard decision of selling items.” 

The antique shop offers the purchase or sale of gold, silver, currency, jewelry, antiques, vintage items, collectibles, military memorabilia, and art. There is lay-a-way available and they offer to research and appraise value of items based off of current fair market prices. The shop has good music and hot coffee available for their customers. 

The couple does not have plans to expand their business. Jayne stated, “We love our rented one-room store, and we love our location! Bigger doesn't always mean better.I think some of the best places around, whether it is a restaurant, bar, store, etc. are the small, personal, family owned places!”

Jayne concluded, “We are just two old Soldiers who gave a dream a try, and six years later, we are still at it!We love our customers! Our "regulars" have become our extended family, and this community has been a blessing.”

The small community of Waynesville, along with the Hasik’s family and friends came together when the Hasik’s lost their daughter, Demi Monroe, 18 months ago. The bench that sits in front of the antique store was a gift of the Hasik’s family but was made and installed by those from our small community. The bench beautifully reads, “You can always tell where a beautiful soul has been by the tears and the smiles left behind” in memory of Demi.