A Crocker man is in custody on murder charges after allegedly killing a neighbor after he allegedly made unwanted sexual advances.

Shawn Bommarito, 38, of Crocker, was charged with Murder in the First Degree and Armed Criminal Action June 16, 2018.

According to the probable cause statement, officers received a tip from two individuals, Tiffany Johns and James Canada, whom claimed Bommarito told them he killed William Fancher.

Bommarito had reportedly been kicked out of his parents home and did not have a place to live. He was living in a tent at the Crocker Park until Crocker officers removed him. He then stayed on Johns’ and Canada’s property.

The officers talked to Bommarito, according to court documents. Bommarito denied hurting Fancher.

When the officer looked in Fancher’s home, he found Fancher deceased in the dining room area.

Bommarito told law enforcement, according to court documents, that he went to Fancher’s house to take a shower. According to Bommarito, Fancher made sexual advances toward Bommarito which he did not like. Bommarito reportedly “stated he blacked out” and could not recall what happened.

He later told law enforcement that he remembered stabbing Fancher twice and that he punched Fancher several times. Bommarito claimed he took Fancher’s wallet which contained approximately $140 and marijuana.

If convicted of murder, he could face 10 to 30 years or life.

If convicted of the armed criminal action charge, he could face imprisonment in the Missouri Department of Corrections for no more than three years without eligibility of parole, probation, conditional release or suspended imposition or execution of sentence for three years.